GMC Yukon Denali Navigation System

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I have a 2004 Yukon Denali. I do not know if this is due to the navigation system itself or the version 2.0 disc that came with it but you have to come to a complete stop in order for changes to be input (ie. a new address). Is there a code or disc level that will allow for on the fly changes or is this a drawback of the system itself?


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    No, there is no code to disengage. There is a tricky bypass that I did read online but it requires major disassembly of your dash and some electrical work to add a button that fools the unit into thinking it is parked, but it looks like a make-shift solution that I would not recommend. GM Lawyers ensured people could not bypass the Nav system's driving lock out. This is due to our society obsession for not taking responsibility and suing companies every chance they get because they are distracted while driving.
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    I just bought a 2007 Yukon. Is there enough of a difference in the 2010 nav disk to justify buying it for $200?

  • brewboybrewboy Member Posts: 36
    First you should check with your VIN at to see if your vehicle has any free disc updates. If not it will tell you what the latest disc version is.

    I have an 07 Denali and the last I checked it was version 4.1c

    In this latest version the software update to the Navigation radio does allow for the relaxation of a few of these restrictions while driving.
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    I have a intermittent, but consistent problem with my radio/nav unit (GM part #1580001) having volume spikes and the screen going black as shown in this youtube video:

    It has been viewed more than 1500 times, so I'm assuming others have this same issue. I have read many posts and no one has come up with a solution. I've pulled the radio, checked all of the wires, disconnected the 6-disc changer, and nothing has resolved the problem. Been to the dealer twice and they say they can't find anything. Some posts say that they had the dealer replace the head unit only to have the problem occur again a few weeks later.

    The one post that intriqued me was one that claimed the problem was related to the vehicle's electronic suspension system. This somewhat makes sense because of the seemingly random times that the problem happens.

    My question: Has anyone figured out the root of this problem and a possible remedy?

    Thanks much for any advice.
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