2001 Chrysler T&C Front End Noise

I have a 2001 Caravan and T&C and both make clanking noise. The struts,ball joint, & bearing were replaced on the T&C and tie rods inspected and still don't know where the noise is coming from. Mechanic sd he had one already in shop making the same noise. Dodge is in shop now have rack replaced. Someone said that should fix the noise in it too. The T&C only makes the clanking noise on the passenger side. It's driving me nuts and I'm afraid it's dangerous. Mechanic just gave up.


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    Have them to replace the links and bushings. These are a common problem for these vechicles. We've had our replaced twice in six years.
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    I too have replaced the... 'it must be this'... part including the struts, sway bar links and bushings. Nothing has rid the dreaded Klunk! It would be greatly appreciated if you would post the results of the rack repair. Good Luck! :confuse:
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    I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan too. It was making a bad clunking noise, almost the same but not as loud. The steering went out and it was diagnosed the rack and pinion. After it was replaced, the noise is not noticed as much now. I think if I replace the links in it there will be no noise at all. This leads me to believe it is the rack in the Chrysler. It was suggested to be the cv shaft but it does not make a popping noise when I back up or turn sharply. I have had a cv joint to go bad on another Dodge and it was a totally different noise. This noise is only heard when you go over a bump in the road.
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    I tried to replace the heater blower motor but there is something in the back holding it. The internet diagram only shows 3 bolts and I have removed them already. There is no way to get back there to see. Its uner the dash on the passenger side. I don't want to damage the moveable parts attached to the cover. Does the dash have to come out?
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    I replaced the front sway bar rubber bushings from napa and the noise went away on my 2002 Chrysler T&C. I hope this helps.
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    just to let anyone interested to know....I never found a screw in the back holding hthe cover on. Apparently it was glued stuck but eventually cracked the plastic in the back. It looked like it was sealed when I removed it I could see the problem. There is a door panel that is rotated by a small motor on the bottom of the cover. That panel does not come off with the cover. It's a nuckle busting job you have to do standing on your head.
  • I just replaced the two sway bar bushings. Got them from AutoZone. That fixed the bumping noise and feel. The old bushings looked good, but when putting on the keepers over the new bushings, I could tell there was more material there.

    I won't lie, it was a SOB of a job, so I'm glad it was the fix. :)
  • Hi guys, first post, been trolling here for years. I repalced the bushings on a 2000 Chrysler Voyager and on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. The old bushings were oval shaped&the steel was worn down too. Helped the front end noise a lot. I respectfully disagree with the other poster. Bushing install is way easy. Jack up the left side front and put it on a jack stand & then jack up the right front and put it on a jack stand. Both front tires should be off the ground. Penetrating oil on the keeper threads. I used a tire marker on the old bushing to mark up/down. Use a box end wrench on the back bolt head and a deep socket on the front nut. Its a little slow going cause there isn't much room for the ratchet-like three clicks back each time. And its tighter still around the brake lines on the drivers side. Take both sides off first! (Don't do one side&replace the bushing with a new one)Once you take off both sides, the stabilizer bar will MOVE all around-left/right&front/back. Boil some water in the microwave& then drop the new bushings in the hot water for a few minutes. They EASILY spread open over the stabilizer&slide them up. Get both keepers on, lined up and put the nuts on before you crank each side tight. 9.99 at O'reilly. I didn't undo the stabilizer links at all-maybe an hour for each van.
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