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09 WRX Impreza vs 09 Corolla

frostbyte3964frostbyte3964 Posts: 30
edited April 2014 in Subaru
OK, stop laughing. ^_^ I've posted in the Toyota area also, but I'm looking at upgrade alternatives to the Corolla that will be as smooth and quiet. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the Corolla as well as the WRX, but I have read some reviews that complain about the noise in it. Not sure if they are comparing it to say a 3 series BMW or if it's actually noisy for any car.

Thoughts? I know performance wise it would win hands down, but I'm just curious about these 2 aspects in a comparison. I know I DON'T want a car that is any noisier or rougher than a Corolla.


  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Yeah, this is one weird comparison...

    I own an '09 WRX, and used to own a '06 WRX. The new one is much more refined than the '06 model. However, it comes with summer performance tires, and they are noisy. The '09 is quieter than the '06 model, but tire noise is still there. On smooth roads it's not bad, but on any road with "texture" it will be noisy.

    As to the Corolla, I haven't a clue. The last one I drove was back in 1980. If I were to hazard a guess, I would think it too might be noisy, only because the Corolla is somewhat of any entry-level car, and in that class of vehicle, soundproofing is often pretty minimal. Then again it's a Toyota, and that brand does pay more attention to comfort issues than some other brands.

    My best advice is for "you" to go drive both vehicles over a variety of surfaces. Only you can determine what noise level is acceptable.

    I can tell you which will be the more "fun" car to drive, but I suspect you already know the answer to that. ;)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I haven't driven a Corolla lately, but our Sienna is extremely isolated. That's the best word to describe a Toyota, IMO.

    That can be good or bad. If you want quiet, smooth ride, with zero feedback, buy a Corolla and don't look back. You won't regret it.

    On the other hand, if you actually want a little feedback, especially in the steering, run, don't walk, away from your Toyota dealer. They offer less steering feel than my Nintendo Wii-mote playing Mario Kart. I can't tell if I'm driving on gravel, sand, or ice, you feel nothing, just some artificial resistance.

    It's great for the passengers. Toyotas will eat up mile after mile with your kids sleeping peacefully in the back.

    Problem is, driving fun just isn't part of the equation. That's why I own a 2nd car, a Miata.

    I had the chance to drive Bob's WRX a couple of weeks ago, and I was actually surprised at how refined it is. It's about as quiet as our Forester, but much sportier and extremely quick. Easier to live with than the Miata, by far.

    I think you just might find the best of both worlds with a WRX. Refined enough, yet also fun to drive.

    It's a pretty safe bet that the Corolla will be more isolated, however. Be honest with yourself - do you just drive point A to point B, or do you look forward to the journey?
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