Mazda CX-9 Warranty/Certification

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I'm looking at a 2008 CX9 from a non-Mazda dealer. It has 15K miles. I would get the balance of the factory warranty. If I were to buy this car at a Mazda dealer, I would get it certified, which seems to be a good deal. I'm trying to find out if it would be possible to have this vehicle certified through Mazda to get the additional coverage?


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    I wouldn't think so since Mazda uses their dealer network to inspect the car, determine if it is worth certifying, and then offers support for the CX-9 for a period of time beyond the original warranty.

    But maybe they would for the appropriate fee. Try asking in the Got a Quick Question for a Car Dealer? discussion.

    If the Mazda dealer doesn't bite, there's always the extended warranties offered by third parties. Certified Used Vehicle Programs
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    I found out today that Mazda has changed there loaner car policy, They say the car must be undrivable or that the repair will take more than 4 hours in order to get a loaner car.I'm not to happy about this since I need to take my CX-9 in a 2nd time for the same ticking sound.
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    I can understand that you are not happy about the "ticking sound" repair.
    However, Mazda loaner policy is reasonable and is WAY better than Toyota/Honda. I don't know of any Toyota/Honda dealers in SF Bay Area that offer loaner cars AT ALL. Shuttle is what you get or discounted rental cars on site.
    I have used the loaner from Mazda once on TSB repair. Loaners are also available for major service such as 30K/60K. This is as good as any Lexus loaner policy. When I owned my BMW, they didn't even offer loaner vehicles at all. Rental coupon was what I got. Usually a free Korean Elantra at that time. For others, one needed to pay more. :mad:
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    Can anyone share their interpretation of the CX9's warranty vis-a-vis the installation of an after-market hitch? I'd like to bolt on a hitch for mounting a bike rack.

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    I have installed a class-III hitch on my 2008 CX9 for bike rack as well.
    What is your concern? Voiding the warranty?

    No way it will. The Moss-Magnus. Act dictates that warranty on an OE part is voided if and only if the automaker can prove that an aftermarket part caused the OE part to fail.
    In your case, hauling bikes is not gonna cause any problem. It is way below the standard 2000lb rating w/o tow package. :)
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