Anyone drove both Lancer ES and GTS model ?

pricebropricebro Member Posts: 9
I am asking myself whether I shall pay extra thousands to get an GTS or stay with an ES as my budget is a little tight.

As I can see the biggest problem with ES model is its slow and loud accelaration due to the CVT transmission it is using. I testdrove other brand cars with 2.0 L engine, I didn't feel slow at all.

People recommended me to try GTS which has a 2.4L engine. I have not tried yet.

But just wanna ask anyone who has driven both ES and GTS, how what do you feel? Is there a huge difference on accelaration, Or just merely a little better? Afterall GTS is using CVT too.

Other than the accelaration, any other advantages to compare the basic functions between these 2 models. I am not talking about the add-ons (sun and sound, blue tooth, etc) but the basic practical functions and performances.



  • jamster3jamster3 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I drove both an ES and the GTS. I ended up buying the GTS. To answer your question, there was only a slight difference with the acceleration (I'm driving a stick shift by the way). I got it though, because I wanted the stronger engine, bluetooth, seats, fog lights, etc. The interior seems even more flimsy than my 02 Lancer, but I'm hoping for the best. I really enjoy driving these little cars, but they do develop some problems early on (that's why they're inexpensive or less expensive). If you keep up on your maintenance, (oil change, brakes, tires, air filters, spark plugs). you should be able to make it to around 145-155 thousand miles before you need to drop about $500 to $1500 into it for repairs.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    what repairs will one need at that point, might I ask? $500-$1,500 for brakes, stuff like that, or what were you thinking?

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    Dear Pricebro, there is no comparison between the 2.0 standard engine and 2.4 litter Mivec 16 valve dohc engine. The 2.4 is much more powerful, (the car moves faster) runs quieter, will last longer, and doesn't even loose it's breath at 90mph. However, you can only get the 2.4 in the gts or gts sportback models. Unfortunately it is not an option in the es or de models. The problem with the all mits gts lancer models are that they all have "no suspension", LOL, Its suspension is the worst i've ever driven in 40 years. And very uncomfortable ride and I do not recommend it if you like comfort. You can look at my post on under mits lancer sportback 2010 consumer reviews for more info. That sportback is very similar to all other gts's. The only difference is the regular gts has the spoiler in the middle of the windshield instead of close to the trunk, further obstructing your rear vision - go see one yourself and you'll see i'm right. (the sportback has the spoiler close to the top of the car). And the 2008 gts is the only one that has the weaker 2.0 engine in it. I made a mistake buying the gts sportback, if i had to retrace my steps i'd take the es because it does not have as many shortcomings and engineering goofs as the gts models do and it is less expensive. And if you want a car with good fuel economy, none of these cars qualify. I owned three of the early lancers, 03, 05, 07 and all ran flawlessly and were very reliable (as good as honda or toyota) but this redesign in 08 is another animal all together. Newer and bigger, doesn't necessarily mean better. I wouldn't buy it if if were you. good luck.
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    What repairs did you have to make for the Lancer ES?
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