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Toyota Venza Transmission Problems



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited August 2011
    If it's F/awd then disconnect the rear drive circuit, if the noise goes away...
  • Does the 2011 Venza 6 cyl have a transmission dipstick and tranny drain plug? I was told that the 2011 camry 4 cy has no dipstick and the salesmen said there was no drain plug.

    thanks, rr70
  • Hi I'm new and my English isn't good but anyway.I have Venza 2009 3.5cc AWD 29 000miles, last few mounths I have a problem whit my car,when I drive I feel tne car loose power like misfire or vacum problem on trafik light RPM play (900 to 200) after thath eng. light AWD and traction control light are ON.I was in dealership and they told me it's OK we can fixed ,after week I had the same problem then they change the maf or mas sensor I don't know and they sad now the car is perfect yes but no the same problem after 2 weeks.Then the car was in the dealership 13 days becose they call in California to ask help to fixet the problem once forever,after 13 days they call me and they sad you had bad conections but now it's ok "yes but no" next day the same problem and now I call in California and I sad I want new car end now I wait the paper . If someone know somethink let posted what cud be the problem.WOW I foget to tell you somethimes I feel the car cant shift very very hard.
    Thank you
  • This sounds an awful alot like what i experienced when my transmission failed. I am not much of mechanic but they said there was something in my transaxle that broke and they had to replace the whole thing but diagnosed it quickly.

    I was also told that when my dealer called Toyota that this was a known problem and they fixed it on warranty and I have had no problems since.
  • Probably you talking about my problem whit hard shift sometimes or mornings when is cold,thath was good inf. To know Thank you.If you or somebody else know more about my engine problem I lill so happy to know more.
    Thank you
  • Actually all of the things you said (traction light, engine light, etc) the feeling like it was slipping out of some gears, etc are exactly the symptoms that I experienced when my transmission on my venza failed
  • sotirovsotirov Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    Ok I'm agree but when they check eng light the code are P0172 P0175 and two more but I don't remember
  • Same thing. Immediately after hitting about 5 mph everytime after a key start, POP.. it is the ABS brakes. It is the next generation ABS brakes doing a self test!
  • Hello!
    I want to ask you about a problem I had with my '09 Venza 2.7 4 cyl, 63000 miles.
    When I started it after a 12h parking(so the engine is cold) and put it in Drive car wasn't moving properly(I had 2000-2500 RPM but it was hardly moving, sorry for repetition). But after awaiting for 2-3 min with engine running everything becomes OK and then I don't have any problems with driving until next long-time parking.
    I'm not an expert but it seems like not enough pressure in automatic gearbox. I can't check the transmission fluid level because it has no dipstick.
    Thank you!
  • I have a 2010 Venza 4 cylinder. It's been a great car except in recent months crazy things are happening.
    Transmission Shifting into Reverse: Randomly when I get into the car, start the car and try to shift into reverse, the transmission will not allow it to shift at all. Have to vigorous move the steering wheel back and forth, restart the ignition and then it seems to help get it into reverse. Has happend a dozen times in last 4 months. This is a random occurence.
    Electrical Warning Lights: Randomly the Brake, the ABS and the Slip Indicator warning lights light up. Does it randomly during day or night, dry or wet, flat or incline.
    Blue Tooth: My iPhone used to sync automatically when I entered car with the phone. Now I have to enter my passcode every time.
    Transmission Shifting from first to second: Big noticable clunk in transmission noise from first to second.

    I really like the Venza. Dealer checked the warning lights situation and said " everything checked out." They went on to say it's hard to diagnose if it's not happening when vehicle is in shop.

    What really concerns me is that in reading through all your blogs and messages here that this is happening to several people and that 1) dealers aren't able to help and 2) Toyota knows about this and is not helping.

    Please let me know what you know. Thanks.
  • These three lights were simultaneously lit 2 weeks ago but I noticed no driving or shifting issues. Dealer has had my car for one week and I really have been given no info about what is wrong. Supposedly the master technician has a call into Toyota regarding my car. I am pretty worried about this. Anyone have any imput?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    What's the weather like when this happens....COLD ?

    ATF volume expands a fairly great amount with a rise in temperature.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Low brake fluid reservior level, or failing level sensor, will result in "brake" indicator illumination and that in turn will disable some of the brake use functions, VSC, etc.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It sounds to me as if the Toyota factory is cutting corners, cutting COST corners, by only marginally filling fluids, ATF, brake, etc.

    With size/volume of the ATF sump having already been reduced, by design, to the absolute minimum for purposes of FE, even a slight underfill could result in these problems, especialy on COLD weather conditions.

    The actual factory fill level may even be selective based on ship destination, Canada/Alaska = COLD = higher fill level.
  • Took the vehicle in, dealer hooked it up on the computer.....$1200 for the part plus labour.

    Anyone else seen this?

    They said that with the light permanently ON, past weeks it was intermittent, means the AWD feature of the vehicle is disabled.
  • Hi Forum ..I have 2010 v6 fwd...And im at alost here i have 65,000 mile on it and my transmission has the famous tempermental issue...I did get a code at first of P0793 Intermediate shaft Sensor now the code is not present after reading alot about this transmission i decided to change the transmission oil but that didnt work so now i am hoping this Shaft sensor does the job..Here is what happens on occasion the transmission doesnt engage delays while going into gear then those famous lights turn on (Check Engine and ABS) i have my phone hooked up to my OBD port the only error i get is a Oxygen Sensor B2S2 But if i erase the codes the car drives like a brand new car ...Has anyone else got the Intermediate shaft sensor code P0793
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