2001(2?) Mercedes C-class hatchback

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I saw some pictures of this on the web, and like
its looks. I'd enjoy reading news, rumors,
speculation & suggestions for this vehicle.


  • eman - In the November 22 issue of auto week it said that MBUSA confirmed that the hatchback coupe will be coming to the US. It will make its debut in Detroit this January. I like it too -
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    Did Autoweek say anything about weight, performance & engine specs, price? I found pics on thecarconnection.com, in its "Caught in the web" index section.

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    I wonder why I haven't seen anything about the new C-class hatch in the Detroit coverage?

    Meanwhile, we can be titillated by this website: www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Track/1805/
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    Good question and great link! I like the look of it. For folks going to the site, click on C-Class and then on the sneak preview of the new C-Class model. Very interesting...

    Now who's going to say hatchbacks are down market? ;-)

  • It's a courier car for rich kids who like to drive a lot...hehehe...if I was a rich kid, I would use ths car at work!

    Now BMW is bringing the newest 323ti Compact over and that will be some competition...wonder what the base price will be?
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    Anyone have any web links for this?
  • Nice car! What a tease. I bet that we in the U.S.A. won't get the hatchback or the diesels, which, of course, is the niche which most interests me.
  • I just read an article last week while on vacation in Fl. The new C-Class should be out in May-June. It has borrowed the look from the larger S class which was just redesigned. sounds like there will be a V6 240 as well as the 280. The incentives and advertising you now see for the 2000 is to attempt to get rid of them by the time the 2001s arrive. They are lowering the base price on the base 4 cylinder to $25,000 according to the article I read. I was shocked to see this when the current base C230 starts in the low 30's. I am sure options will take it back up to where it is now, but the number is sure to cause a lot of interest in a car that we can assume will try to reclaim those who chose the BMW 3's and the Acura TL's because of the price points.

    The car looks sharp and I would definitely wait a few months if I was considering a 2000 C. Even if you go for the 2000, I would wait because the incentives will increase as the new delivery dates approach. I would recommend testing an Acura Tl if you are seriously considering this car. I did not buy one because i need a big back seat for clients and went for the 2000 Avalon XLS since most of my clients are not earning big bucks and a luxury nameplate would raise Eyebrows. I may switch to the new mercedes if it is as good as it looks and is prices similarly.
  • go to :

    Many photos and several articles
    3 door hatch is coming as well as sedan
  • I was looking at Audi A4, passat, but these new Mercedes are very exciting.

    I see they're updating the engines a year after the intro, I learned about this by reading about the forthcoming E class (2002). The new 4 cylinder engines will have "direct injection", I gather that somehow improves fuel efficiency.
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    Thank you for sharing these infos and pictures. I am actually very interested in the 2001 C-class. I think that it is going to be much better than the new 3series BMW, as Mercedes had more time to engineer the car. I went to a few MB dealerships, but they were unable to give me a price range and a list of options, colors, ... do you know where i could find those infos?
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    I beleive that they will only send the C240 (6cyl) and the C320(6cyl) in the US. I wish they would ship the Kompressor engine, but it is less likely to happen.
    Thank you for your comments by the way
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    I have placed an order for an '01 and the dealer did not have specific colors. I think it's safe to assume some colors like black, white, silver, maybe dark blue and a red. If you go to Mercedes worldwide site - not the USA site they show colors but I'm not sure if that is U.S. -it might be a good indicator.

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    Does anyone out there own a compressor, I'm thinking of leasing one. The dealer gave me a quote of 493 a month for 3yrs, with moon roof, power seats, cd player. I'm not willing to go over 500 a month, this was not said to the dealer. does anyone have a web site that has a good clear picture of the 2001 c 240???
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    Finally, my dream of owning a Mercedes with 6 speed manual transmission will soon be a reality. Thank goodness, I did not buy a Toyota Celica GT.
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    Base models starting under 21,000 USD? Wish that would come true, but I somehow kind of doubt it. If they make a 4 cylinder kompresser 6 speed for the US for under around 27 grand they can sign me up.
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    I'm actually a little surprised, and still not entirely convinced, that Mercedes is going to bring their hatchback version to the US. Like all European marques they are extremely aware of their brand value. Americans love big cars, so introducing a small car will damage the brand image to some degree (unknown how much though, it is Mercedes).
    Even if they bring it here, it will be priced higher than in Europe. Why? The prices quoted in magazines are for the smallest engine, and they traditionally only bring the two or three highest performance engines to the US. Also, they know they can exact a high premium here.
    I would guess the base price will end up around 24-26K. Considering the sedan will start around 30K, that's about the same price difference as in Germany (4K).
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    Well, after seeing that website all I can say is WOW! I know what my next new car will be. If this thing is really priced in the low-20's (which would surprise me greatly) they'll sell a ton of them. I always have trouble judging the actual size of teh car in those photos...but if it's comparable to my '95 Accord coupe there's no way I will not buy one. :-) I just hope they don't make it "cheap" like BMW did with the ti's.
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    I would have sworn I posted this before, but here it is again...
    The new C-Class hatchback will not be marketed as a hatchback, but as a sport coupe. Think more of a small CLK than a Mercedes version of a BMW 318ti. I don't think Mercedes is intending to cheapen its image. I saw pictures of it on www.autobild.de, so check it out (I can't read German either, but at least look at the pictures)...I think it looks pretty good. I also think the new C will be priced less than its European counterpart. A base 2000 C in the UK (a C180 with 1.8 liter 4, no A/C, no alloy wheels, no leather, etc...) costs as much as a US C230 Kompressor.
    Todd (1996 C220)
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    That website gives some details about the "C class 3-door sport coupe" being unveiled at the September 28 Paris auto show and coming to the states "next year."
  • Auto World Weekly has a two page article on the new Coupe. They have it listed as tested at $29,250 ... That's not cheap.

    They tested it with the 5 speed auto and the 2.3 Kompressor engine (the only one available). I realize that it's a Mercedes, and that probably goes a long way towards purchasing decisions for people, but there are cars out there in that price range (like the Acura 3.2 CL-Type S) that will offer stiff competition ...
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