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Advice on replacing PS Pump

I am trying to replace the power steering pump on my wife's '02 Caravan. I removed the motor mount to get to the serp belt tensioner. But can't seem to operate the tensioner. Is there a special tool to grasp the bracket with?

Any other advice? Turning into a big deal.



  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Why are you replacing the pump?

    Regarding the tension arm, I used a wrench on the end of the arm, other folks claim success by using an old belt and holding it down with their foot.

    Best regards,
  • When turning the wheel at slow speed, it is noisy (my wife says so).
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hopefully you haven't replaced the pump yet. Why? There are 95% oods that the problem isn't the pump. Spend $24 and buy a new Power Steering reservior and replace that (it sits right in front of the coil pack) instead. Said another way, your problem isn''t the pump, it is a clogged filter screen in the reservior (a well known problem).

    FWIW, there is one lower bolt that is accessed from behind/underneath the reservior that can be a bit of a pain to get to.

    Best regards,
  • Thanks Shipo, I'll try that trick with the reservoir. Wish I read this 3 hours ago. Time spent trying to get the serp belt off. (Still no joy). I'll let you know.
  • My 06 GC had the same issue - "screaming" from the power steering. I took out the resivour, cleaned it out and put it back in. No problems sinse. $5.00 fix. Did my fathers too (2004) the next day. :shades:
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