System Failure Check Gauges Message new 2008 Jeep

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Today was the second time this happened. While driving without notice I get flashing warnings of all lights on my dash, with the notice system failure check gages as a message, the radio cuts out, no wipers, no lights, no electronics working but the vehicle keeps running. I shut it off and it re started with all the same warnings and failures but could drive it to dealer. Fist time dealer said never saw this before and did not know what to do, finally they said they re programed the computer and it came back to life, I had it back now for over a month and today after driving 50 miles or so doing errands etc., I started the car and when I turned on my wipers, it happened again, drove it to dealership, sunday of course, and sent email to them saying a re program of the computer will not cut it this time and demanded a new computer for the car? anyone else have this problem it is a 2008 Jeep Cherokee 6,600 miles, I'm confused,,,,,, and would like to tell the dealer something other than hearing that it works now and dont know why.


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    This just started happening with my mom's '06 Grand. We are going to take it into the dealership tommorrow and see what's up.

    Did some searching on some of the jeep forums out there and found others with the same problems. They've had junction boxes and ignition switches replaced. Some with success others without.

    No one seems to have found the exact solution yet. Jeep/Chrysler should have a TSB out for this since others are getting the same problem. Of course, they don't. :mad:
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    Did some searching in the "Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems" thread ( ), and it seems that a bad battery or dirty battery terminals could be culprits as well.
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    I just took my 2008 Overland in today for the same problem I will report back to you with what they found.
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