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Toyota Venza Electric Power Steering

bbtingbbting Posts: 9
I have driven my Venza V6 AWD for 1500 miles now. A lot of people commented the electric power steering feels numb. I just don't understand what that means.

But this is what I've found. When I am braking slowly (or lightly) to a stop because of a red light, I feel the steering wheel is kind of locked up and harder to steer compared to other Toyota I have driven (this is my fourth Toyota). When my steering wheel is not at exact 12:00 position (a few degrees off for example), I feel the tendency of the car move off from straight a head and I have to use a bit of force (more than the usual effortless power steering) to steer it straight. I am not sure if this is a normal behaviour or so called numbness of the Venza electric power steering or it is an alignment issue that needs to be corrected. I have not had the time to take it to the dealer yet and just want to see if anyone has similar experience.


  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It could very well be that EPS is being used to help neutralize the torque stear common to FWD and F/awd vehicles. Automatically applying torque counter to the short/long halfshaft torque stear effect so you don't have to.

    EPS is also used to interact with VSC to help "guide" the driver into doing the proper actions if the VSC system detects even the slightest bit of vehicle yawing, not fully following the "line" of the front wheels.
  • bbtingbbting Posts: 9
    Thanks for the explanation.

    I would like to hear similar experience, if any, from other owners. Or it is just me or my car.

    TIA :confuse:
  • mctommctom Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase a new 2010 Venza AWD V6 and would like to know if anyone has tried towing a 2000 pound trailer with the Venza, and if so, is there any steering issue. I have towed this trailer with my 2005 Subaru Outback from Nova Scotia to Colorado on two occasions without an incident. In fact, the Subaru feels as stable with the trailer as without, just a little heavy in the back. I do have electric brakes on the trailer. I am considering the Venza because it is a heavier vehicle, with potentially more towing capacity but am a little concerned about the electric steering.
  • When I called my Toyota dealership to find out how much for a dealer installed tow pkg for my 2010 Venza 2.7 AWD, they told me they wouldn't install because they don't recommend towing with this vehicle and that it would void my warranty. maybe they should have told me that when I purchased it? The brochure said it would tow up to 3500#.
  • About the Venza electric power steering, I have just went to my local Toyota dealer to place a order of the whole EPS unit ($1500 and change). Bought the car in 2010 just about the time the Toyota break malfunction incident, drove about 6000+ miles! change all 4 tires at a Toyota dealership in central Long Beach, CA. Shortly after that I hear tapping noise whenever I have to slow down to a stop for light or stop sign or any time if it is not a hard break! Talk with different service shops (know these people over the years) some say it's the master cylinder of the break, some say it's the steering lower housing link to the transmission joint and some offer the EPS ELECTRIC/MECHANICAL turn "bad". But how bad is bad?
    Is this EPS system have some kind of solenoid(s) that will release pulse signals that cause the "tapping" sound when I step on the break? Because if it is a mechanical sound then should be a non stop and rhythmatic and happen each time the break is pressed, and if it is the steering connections warn out, then the steering wheel should have vibration -I just did a break check and replacement and a alignment a week ago thought that will elemental the problem - still there!
    Anyone can give a idea?

  • I have exact the same problem on the taping noice and the steering feels loose with no smooth stop on any of the extreme ends. I just purchase a 2010 Venza and i have not driven the car for more than 100 miles. The car currently has 70k, i will see if the extended warranty honors this problem.
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