Considering a Vibe...which route is the best to take in your opinion?

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I will try to keep this as short but as detailed as possible. I after years of consideration, I am considering a Vibe...please take a moment to follow along on my journey...

-I have owned a 1999 Dodge Durango for 8 years and have loved it, aside from the 12mpg.
-The cargo area is my most beloved aspect of the Durango
-I love the clearance of the vehicle.
-Conversely, mostly due to the clearance, I get nervous about the high center of gravity as I have driven over 14,950 miles in the past 5.5 months on the highway.
-The V8 giddy-up.

I have been mentally sold on getting a Pontiac Torrent for over 3 years. The features I loved about it was, of course, the better mpg (19-24), the clearance, and the cargo space + cargo management system. I also fell in love with the moonroof/sunroof and the premium audio package.

After experiencing the awful gas prices as of this past summer, I started trying to consider other smarter (better mpg) alternatives to the Torrent. After fighting long and hard trying to find a Pontiac Torrent with better mpg and losing...I then submitted to the idea that in order to increase mpg, I need to decrease physical and engine size...thus began the saga of my looking for small-midsize SUVs.

Next topic is financial resources. Having a spending cap of around $16,000, I realize I wasn't able to get a Torrent if I wanted to. Also, with "average" credit, I'm not bad off, but I'm not sure of what I could qualify for.

So, after searching for vehicles like the Toyota Matrix, Honda Fit, and the like, I rediscovered the Pontiac Vibe. I loved the look of the Matrix, the mpg and the cargo management of the Fit, and the AWD capacity and name pep of the Vibe GT. And thus, I am left in a bit of a situation....

While considering a cap of around 16k, I have already come to grips with the fact that I will likely end up with the newest certified used vehicle I can find. I have found Torrent's available for well under 16k across the country...but then I began thinking of the mpg again...which brings me back to mpg mindful vehicles like the Vibe...which I have found considerably good deals for well under 16k as well...even in 2009 models.

Lastly, I will need to roll with a Vibe GT if I end up Vibin'. I also think I would need it in AWD on the account of living in Southwest Michigan. Having said that, I have a couple of questions and scenarios for you all and I would love some productive and helpful input.

1) AWD vs FWD: What's the real-persons mpg difference? Engine performance? Is there a considerable mpg/engine lag difference between a 2008 and a 2009?

2) What do you feel is a respectable price to miles ratio on a certified used Vibe GT (2008-2009)?

3) Should I try and get a 2009 for the price under 16k with some miles on it or should I stick with an '08? Is there considerable differences between the models?

4) Should I attempt to take advantage of the 0% financing if possible on a newer 20k+ Vibe GT or keep the price down with a "used" and forgo the 0%?

5) Considering the 16k cap, and the vehicle preferences, what would you do at the end of the day?


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    I suggest you go to the website and get on the forum with this question.Everyone there will be more than happy to tell you the differences and what the best deals are out there.Personally I have a 2008 Vibe and I love it.The 2009's are different and come in different engine sizes along with GT, and AWD.At GenVibe you will get all the answers you are looking for.
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    About a year ago I determined that the AWD 2.4L Vibe was the best of breed. I continue to think that to be the case. You mentioned snow and Michigan. I live in Colorado, and can attest that the 2009 AWD is the One! :shades:
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    I'll start by saying that I am very familiar with the Toyota 1ZZ & 2ZZ motors (the 1.8's in the std and GT). If you are looking for one of the older models that only come with the 1.8 then I would definitely look at a GT model.

    That being said...spending the extra on a newer model with the larger motor (a 2.4L I think) would be an excellent choice. The only issue I have ever had with the 1.8L is a lack of torque in the lower rpm ranges.

    If you ever haul stuff with it (which will amaze you with how large a vehicle a Vibe truly is) you will appreciate the extra low end grunt.

    Just me $0.02 worth
  • This is too late to help zathrak but maybe someone else can be helped. The 05 Vibe I just bought Needed a "minor" repair to correct a problem with the evap emissions system. The used car dealer and the local GM dealerships have not been able to fix it over the last 3 months. GM wants money but does not want to provide service. There are several serious safety issues related to the Powertrain Control Module [PCM]. Do not by a used Vibe until after a trusted mechanic has inspected it to see if ALL of the Technical Service Bulletin issues have been corrected. The engine may stall while driving on the highway leaving you with limited control. Verify that an updated PCM has been installed before buying the car. Refer to the TSB listing for the Vibe here on Most people enjoy their Vibe until the PCM shorts out.
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