Buick Enclave Aftermarket Backup Camera?

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1st, I don't have a NAV System.

Has Anyone Install an Aftermarket Wireless Backup Camera System.

Any Recommendations ?
Problems ?


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    I haven't, but a friend of mine had an auto car starter put in her SUV. She had it done at a private business that does these types of things. Other examples are backup camera alert and DVD's. Look in your yellow pages or Businesses listed on your hometown web page.
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    I plan to but I haven't yet.
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    Has anyone installed a "7" Tft Lcd Color Rear View Backup Camera System with Audio" by Camera View Safety System (Rear View Safety) on a 2006 Toyota Sienna Van?? I am thinking of buying this system, which I found on Amazon, but don't know if it will work on the Sienna. I'm afraid of interfering with the existing electrical system(s), which include a remote starter device and automatic side and back door opening and closing...Any comments? The system sounds good because the camera uses infrared to see, but I just have no idea. Please help if you can. Thank you, best, sos
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