infiniti i30 rotors/pads

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hello there,
question regarding brakes. i bought my front disk plus pads less then a year ago and now are worn out. was told that i need to buy new ones..Im sure they are in warranty but i dont want to have them anymore because unfortunately this disks are made in China and i didnt have a choice at that time.
So back to my question, what is the OEM brakes for the inifini i30 or which brakes (disk + pads ) should i get?

thanks guys,.. or girls


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    I have been very pleased with the performance of Akebono Pro-Act Ceramic brake pads on my 2000 Infiniti i30. You can buy them online at the Tire Rack or from others on eBay for reasonable (~$50/set for either front or rear pads) and they easily should last 50 - 70K miles (my experience using them on various vehicles of mine over the last twenty years). Match them up with a good set of Brembo or ATE rotors and you'll have quiet, dust-free braking for a very long time. Stay with ceramic brake pads to keep the heat build-up down and prevent warping of the rotors, which is the biggest problem I have experienced with my i30 (especially when my son took it away to college for a couple of years). It has 115K miles on it now and I plan on keeping it to 200K miles, as long as the engine and transmission hold up (still runs strong). I hope this helps you!
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