Tire pressure sensor?

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Hi Everyone--

I recently had a new wheel put on my 2008 Aveo5, which required the replacement of the tire pressure sensor. The garage that I brought my car to could not figure out how to re-set the tire pressure monitor so that the indicator light would go off on my dashboard. Would anyone have any suggestions?




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    I have the same problem...Did you ever find out how to do it?

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    Most car dealers and tire dealers should have a tool that can reset the TPMS sensor. The best bet is to take it to a new car dealer that handles that vehicle brand - they will surely be able to reset this for you. In my area, my local tire dealer link title has a tool that can handle most cars.
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    Thanks for the info.

    Is there any way I can do it myself...the only chevy dealer here wants to charge me $75.00 top do it!!!

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    ">link titleIf the dealer wants to charge $75, you might want to try and call an indepedent garage in your area or a Firestone or Goodyear store in your area. Call around, somewhere will help you, especially if you promise to give them business in the future.
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