2002 Lincoln with 187KM's not mileage should i buy?

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Hi I am looking to buy a car and I came across the Lincoln Ls I was wondering if the Km's were too high? Also it runs good had some work done to it like new ball joints suspension arms. Also are Lincolns reliable and easy to fix or cheap? Please help thanks


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    V6 or V8? The mileage isn't a concern, but there are some rather expensive maintenance/repair issues that you might run into. Hopefully these have been fixed already but you never know.

    Leaky valve cover gaskets (think this was a V8 issue mainly)
    hydraulic cooling fan
    COPs (coil on plug ignition)
    HVAC controller/blend door
    Transmission valve body

    The good news is that you'll save enough on the price of the car relative to other similar cars that it will pay for a lot of repairs down the road.
  • deuceswild088deuceswild088 Member Posts: 3
    I made a mistake its a 2000 Lincoln. It is a v6 2.8L. Do you own one yourself? Because I have read about some problems and many people are complaining about the same stuff. I really like the car my friend owned it but he sold it because his transmission was going at 160Km's. I don't plan on keeping the car for more then 3 years but I dont want to be hit with a lot of repair costs etc.
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    It's a 3.0L V6 not a 2.8. 2000 models had a few teething problems since that was the very first year. Mine was a 2000 V8 - kept it 6 years with no major problems and only 2 or 3 minor issues.

    If it runs good with no hesitation or misfires or loss of power and the cooling fan seems to be working and the transmission was already replaced then I'd say it's worth the risk. But no car is perfect and you could have a few hundred dollar repair at some point.
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    Ya I am going to check out the car in a couple of days. I hope everything runs well. I'm just worried about the major repair costs that I have been reading about and all those problems that people seem to be having with it. Also I was wondering if the repairs to the car could be done easily or does it have to be sent to a specific mechanic that fixes Lincolns?
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    They're pretty decent cars but with that mileage you're gonna put some money in to it at some point. It's good if the front end has had work done 'cause that's one problem area. AKIRBY mentioned most of the others. Window regulators is one more.

    If you know a good independent mechanic ask if he would work on it. Anything done at a Lincoln dealer will be expensive. The guy who works on my cars has worked on a lot of LS's and has no problem fixing mine.
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    This car SUCKS! I have had nothing but problems with this hunk of s**t. I have had it for 5 years I bought it with 98,000 miles, it's got 210,000 miles on it now and nothing works. I have no heat - and just paid two hours labor at $81.00 a F**in hour for them to tell me they don't know what it is. I had heat untill my radiator overflow was removed twice to replace my windshield wiper motor that has gone THREE TIMES. Yeah don't buy a LS. Since then I have no heat - they had to remove my radiator overflow to get to the wiper motor - cause ANYTHING that ever had needed to be fix IS A PAIN IN THE [non-permissible content removed] and you have to pull half the motor off to get to anything. The coils misfire IDK I've replaced 5 of them and I have another clylinder #7 misfire. My cat. converter was clogged, all the controls in the sterring wheel ie. cruise control and radio controls haven't worked in years. Drivers side heated seat - yup that is broke too and it's not a fuse. Ive replaced practically the whole Frikin suspension, i.e. sway bar assy and links, brakes, wheel bearings, thing goes threw tires like nothing I have ever seen before (and they have 17" tires of course.) and it's rear wheel drive which sucks when you live in new england. U saw someone posted they were thinking about buying a 02 LS with 180,000 miles on it...DONT DO IT! A
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    has to do with the fact that it's a unique vehicle in the Ford/Lincoln stable over the past 10 (or 50) years. The odds that the "technician" working on it has ever seen one before, let alone worked on it, are slim.

    Add to that the need for very "special" coolant burping procedures, window regulators that fail monthly, an automatic transmission that, well, requires a Ford engineer to even begin to figure out how many ways it can go south, plus many other things, and one ends up with a pretty miserable situation. If the car had continued into production beyond when it did and actually sold large numbers, people would have learned how to work on it, plus which the flaws would have been worked out.

    Well, that didn't happen.

    I'm still in possession of one I bought (special order to get the manual transmission) nearly 12 years ago. I need to unload it in the next few months, but I'm not looking forward to the experience.
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    I've seen on some Lincoln enthusiast websites guys who are looking for manual LS's because they are such rare cars. That might be an option for selling it, although whether they actually will buy it is another thing.
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    . . . guys who are looking for manual LS's because they are such rare cars.

    Yes, that's what I'm hoping for, but I don't want to make a career out of looking for the 12 people on the planet who want my car.

    I'll put it on Craig's List and put up with the BS that is almost certain to result.

    There could be a real car nut in the mix, but mostly I expect the other kind.
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