Removing Conversion Van Side Windows

lakeblakeb Member Posts: 2
My 2000 Dodge Conversion Van is starting to get rust and bubbled paint around the side windows that were installed by the conversion people "Mark III". I'd like to remove the windows and take care of the rust. Could someone advise me on where I might find some instructions or guidelines on how to do that. I was told there's a tool that fits behind the rubber seal, making it sound as though you could remove them from the outside. Any help would be appreciated.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I'm a lousy mechanic but I can take trim and stuff off. But it's hard to find manuals that talk much about trim or auto body stuff. Some of the links in the Online Repair Manuals guide may help.

    Catch a body shop or a glass company on a slow day and they may give you some tips. Maybe take donuts. :shades:

    Steve, visiting host
  • andsailandsail Member Posts: 1
    lakeb, did you find any information on how to do this? I'm having the same problem with an older GM van, took out the window easily enough, repaired the rust, but reinstall is not as straightforward.
  • lakeblakeb Member Posts: 2
    The help I got was a suggestion to visit an "Auto Glass Replacement" shop and take some doughnuts with me. I've decided to do the best I can without removing the windows.
  • johnb23johnb23 Member Posts: 1
    I need help with how to replace a broken side window glass, the large one to rear of side doors, in a 1992 Chevy G20 Tiara Conversion van. Can anyone advise how to get glass out and how to replace new one. The auto glass people have told me that I need to remove complete frame from the van, but I am in Australia and the vans are not common here, so no one has done one before? There is a rubber strip around the outside, I thought that if I remove this it may allow for new glass to be installed? I don't really wish to remove entire frame if is not necessary.
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