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Where to find Cosmetic OEM Parts

abel408abel408 Posts: 1
Hey everyone!

I have been looking forever on where to find a few cosmetic parts for my Axiom.

The chrome lettering on the outside of my car is beginning to peel. For most cars it is easy to find new ones on ebay, but I am having a hard time finding anything.

I have also been looking for the chrome side molding kit that was an option for the Axiom. I found one website that sold it and so I bought it, but then they later told me the dealer doesn't make them anymore.

If anyone could tell me where I could find these please let me know! It doesn't have to be new or made by isuzu.



  • jerryp49jerryp49 Posts: 5
    Hello abel408,
    I had to have extensive bodywork done on my 2002 Axiom last summer after an accident. My repair shop found all that they needed from the local Isuzu dealership. The only parts that took a long time to receive was the rear axle housing and a couple of other suspension parts.

    Check with the closest dealership to you and if they don't have it they can order what you need.

    South Florida
  • You can find your parts by going to: put in your VIN number and look for the part then call your Isuzu dealer. Mine will order it for me if they do not have it. I have no problem getting parts. if the part is shared with the rodeo, you can even try the honda dealer if they are closer. The local honda dealer had a rear door check for my rodeo that i installed my self. Sometimes even with GM. take the first and last digit off for the GM number as many Isuzu and GM parts are shared. GM gets them from isuzu. I know the hood roc clip is the same. The Honda store is a few miles closer than my Isuzu dealer, but I go to my Isuzu dealer for any repairs, maintenance or recalls for my rodeo axiom or ascenders. i like to use the original OEM Isuzu oil filters.
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