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1995 Buick Park Ave. Passenger Door Lock Problem

boilerman2boilerman2 Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Buick
Suddenly the electric lock on my 95 park ave passenger door won't unlock when i hit the unlock button on the door or the drivers door. i took the door apart thinking it needed lubing possibly on the mechanisms and that didn't help, then i started checking it for electrical problems and found that the plug for the lock side of the lock mechanism has low voltage on it all the time and when i touch it with a test light it makes a relay on the passenger side kick panel click. can anyone guide me as to how to find and correct this problem?


  • buickowner2buickowner2 Member Posts: 1
    April 3rd was the day the identical problem happened to me, with no previous problems with the electroc locks! I hear a click from both the remote and the inside button, but no unlocking. It has been intermittent over the weekend. I don't understand how it can work sometimes, but not others! I would love to know an answer. Everything else electric seems to be fine.
  • tazzdev32tazzdev32 Member Posts: 1
    Same problem here, I believe there is a relay under the carpet under the front of the drivers seat vthat may be the cause. I havent had a chance to check that seeing how you have to remove the seat to get to it, other option is to cut the carpet. If anyone finds out what is causing this please let me know @ tazzdev32@yahoo.com thank you.
  • ggeeooggeeoo Member Posts: 94
    I lifted the outside handle and heard a "plunk" The actuator finger on the pot metal
    handle inside broke. I got a brass screw from the junk screw can in my tool box
    drilled a tiny hole and replaced the finger. That did not fix the entire problem, it
    turned out the entire door lock assembly was needed. There are two parts the actuator is cheap 41.00 at autozone. But you must remove the old one that is
    riveted on to the main lock assembly the rivets are easily drilled away then the
    new actuator can be bolted back on [my way]. Sadly the lock mechanism needed
    to also be replaced. Now it works 97% of the time. Sometimes you need to lift
    the handle thrice before you get the door open, The inside has never been a problem.
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