JaguarVoice Installed???

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I recently purchased a 2006 S-Type 4.2 VDP with NavSys. One of my manuals describes how to enter voice commands into the 'JaguarVoice' system which enables you to tune the radio, control the climate, tweak the Nav system, etc etc.

Following the instructions, I press the button on the steering wheel but all it does is mute the radio and post a msg on the Nav screen telling me such. Oh yes, I also have the Bluetooth option so my cell phone works thru the Navsys.

Can anyone help me on this? Or perhaps tell me how much the dealer will charge me to install whtever it needs?

Thank you.


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    Hello Paul,

    I have the same issue on my 2007 S-type R. Did you ever find out what the solution is?. Hope you are enjoying your type R as much as I am.

  • debruyndebruyn Member Posts: 3
    I was told that if I pressed the button on the steering wheel and all it did was mute the radio tthen the Jag Voice Command feature was not installed on my car.

    Several folks also advised I should be happy because the Voice feature is very flaky and I'm better off without it. My cell phone works great and that's good enough. It even downloaded all my contacts even tho Jag says my phone was not supported.

    I am LOVING my VDP. I had a '94 XJ6 which I thought was the greatest car in the world, but this S-type beats it. Doesn't have the cachet of the XJ but eveything else is super. Still under Factory warranty for 6 more months, it's an '06 with 14K miles on it so I figure it's run me for quite some time.
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    I own a 06 S-Type VDP as well. I previously owned an 03 and an 06 X-Type. I bought mine as a CPO car after it came in off lease at the local dealer. One run down the interstate, and, I was sold. Mine has 61K on it now, and, is solid as a rock. Love the performance and the fuel economy that the 4.2 delivers.

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