2006 tsx handsfree problem

drgkjedrgkje Member Posts: 21
just bought a pre-owned 06 tsx and can't get the handsfree link going. when i press the talk button the msg (voice) i get is:... "the system is locked up, what is your 4 digit code?"

*i have tried the 4 digit nav code (nav is working fine).
**the original owner can't recall if they set a code
***could not find anything on code in the user manual or acura's help website, or the forum

any clue?



  • qualitiequalitie Member Posts: 9
    looks like you posted this a while back. Hope you have sorted this out. Did you look at the side panel when you open the boot on the passnger side, my dealer (or acura) has 2 stickers 1 for audio unlock and1 for handsfree. Good luck
  • delekodeleko Member Posts: 20
    Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a problem with a lot of static on the line (to the point that calls are barely audible) while using bluetooth in 2006 TSX? My bluetooth has worked fine since I got the car and recently began having problems with my previously paired Verizon wireless phone being recognized by handsfree link. Then later, started developing problems with static on the line. Now still connects, but lots of static. Is there a fix for this? Perhaps some kind of update is needed? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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