'02 Lincoln LS-Headlamps, FEM/REM?

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My lincoln's "lights out" indicator (displayed on the dashboard when a headlamp, etc burns out) is no longer working. Also my passenger side low beam headlight has about half the lifespan of the driver side (replaced at the same time and it has burned out much sooner than the other REPEATEDLY).

Here's the rundown...the lights all turn on, I just don't get notified if a light does actually burn out during driving. What lights are connected to this system? Does it include the brake high stop light? I know that the FEM and REM control these lamps but the only reason I ask is because I know FOR SURE that the "lights out" indicator doesn't light when either the high stop OR the passenger side low beam goes out as far as the other lights go, I'm not sure if one of those burned out it would notify me. It seems sort of odd that both the REM and FEM would go out at the same time. Any ideas on anything else that could be wrong? Do you think it's a wiring issue? The message center itself, either the REM or FEM, or maybe just the modules that transmit the information from the lamps to the FEM/REM?

Any ideas on why I keep burning through passenger side low lamps every couple months?

Any help someone could give would be much appreciated!



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    Hey did you ever get this issue figured out? I"m having the same kind of issues on an LS I"m restoring.

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