Radio and DVD play not working..did I blow a fuse?

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I drive a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan and I was plugging in my IPOD adapter to a lighter outlet and as I was pushing the radio stopped and wont work. The DVD player wont work either. I'm not sure if I shorted something out or what. We've looked at the fuse box and can't find a fuse for the radio! I would LOVE some help!!!


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    Dude -

    check out fuse #5. This link ploads/tracker40/2009-05-19_233935_cara3.gif

    is an excellent diagram of the fuse box for a 2004 Dodge GC. I blew the fuse with a small compressor while inflating tires. My brother in law was researching my prob w/ me & he found a source that tied fuse #14 to the radio as well if #5 doesn't get it.
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    2007 toyota corolla, just bought. mirror had been ripped off and wires hanging in door panel, probably shorted out. repacled mirror and checked fuse block in engine compartment. all fuses good, but radio and mirrors not working. all other dash stuff IS working. (heater, A/C, lights ect). is there another fuse block or fuseable link that I am not seeing? I don't have an owners manual.
    thanks for any help
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    This is a message group specifically for the line of Chrysler minivans; chances are pretty good that few (if any) of us are familiar with your Corolla. You might want to post your message over on the Corolla message group.
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