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Chevy Aveo Timing Belt Problems

rjewelrjewel Member Posts: 6
edited November 2020 in Chevrolet
Has anyone else had this problem...took mine to the dealer to get the serpentine changed and asked them to change the timing belt due to having over 63K miles. Over one month later, they still can't get it the timing right. They had to replace the head, their fault, and when I test drove was missing, backfiring some and the engine was vibrating like mad.


  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    If it was running fine when you brought it in and now it has issues obviously they didn't know what they were doing. If the belt is not lined up in the right sequence the timing will be off.
  • rjewelrjewel Member Posts: 6
    It was...but not now. Since I've been assured this has now happened to 3 Aveos, not sure what to think and still no car. Emailed, no response. Surely a trained chevy mechanic with 20yrs experience could get the timing right...ya would think!!!
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    Yes, a mechanic of 20 years should know what he/she is doing. Nowadays a lot of new machanics don't know what trouble shooting is. Their diagnosis is based on plugging in an electronic device that gives them codes. A lot of times it is not specific enough and they replace parts not needed.

    If you don't get it remedied soon I would approach the manager or owner to get it resolved. The mention of getting a lawyer if all else fails could make them act faster if they give you any lame excuses.
  • wifes07aveowifes07aveo Member Posts: 31
    my mom has an 05 aveo with approx. 31k miles and I have an 07 with approx 29k. both have been solid (only issue is the 05 had to replace the battery). What type of maint is needed on the timing belt? should I replace them before my engine blows up?
  • mrdwarrenmrdwarren Member Posts: 1
    I have an 05 also, The recommended timing belt change is 60,000 miles. You will be good til then. I would make sure that it gets changed right around that time or you could risk breaking it. I bought my car with 66000 and just changed the belt myself. Pretty easy if you have a few basic tools.
  • 303303 Member Posts: 2
    The 07 is supposed to have a 100,000 mile warranty.
    Let Chev worry about it.
    A salesman told me the belts were 100,000 mile belts.
  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    I had my timing belt break on me at 59000 miles.....made me so mad.....didn't even make it ot the 60,000 mile point to were it is suppose to be changed......not a warranty item they took it to an idependent shop....cost me $3000 to have the repairs not happy .....I is a 2004 Chevy Aveo with a 5-speed and I am a prudent driver ...
  • barkydogbarkydog Member Posts: 45
    What was the recommended interval for change of the belt on your 2004? What does it say in your owners' manual? 60,000 miles? It is on most cars.

    I'm probably the last guy on earth to want to be an apologist for GM. But if you didn't change your timing belt when you should have, your efforts at invoking a lawsuit are futile.
  • rjewelrjewel Member Posts: 6
    :) My 2004 Aveo, other than the timing belt snazoo by the particular dealership, never gave me any problems. Took it to a dealership in another town, they fixed it and it ran fine. Also had to replace the serpentine belt as it had been at the other dealer so long, it was starting to crack which means they hadn't been driving it hardly at all! It was since been totalled by a lady who ran out in front of me in a larger vehicle...broke her rear axle...and let me tell you my car was still able to start and protected me well! I now have a 2010 Aveo, and miss my other one as it just seemed to drive better and imho looked better. Already had a service bulletin issue with this one...yep, missing my old Aveo. Please get your timing belts changed before 60,000 miles...I have heard of others breaking before then!
  • girlcarbuildergirlcarbuilder Member Posts: 225

    I have been tracking two Chevy Aveo's for some time now. This is not a recommended car for owning. One of the units had to have a new engine at 63K due to timing belt breakage. There is no excuse in the industry for such poor product performance. Given the number of complaints I have read, to both owners of these units out there that consult with me, I have recommended an interval of 50K miles. When they replace those units, I have also recommended terminating with GM for the replacement. If they can not build a grocery getter, why would I want to consider something else they build? Your name plate is on it, that is your reputation on it as well.

  • chevyvictimchevyvictim Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2005 Chevy Aveo brand new in 9/05, cared for and maintained very well, loved that car. 3 days ago it simply shut down on the freeway, completely broke down, I was lucky I was in the slow lane and right at an exit and was safe. Only 55 K miles on the car the timing belt broke and that has destroyed the engine. Major repairs now necessary that will cost $2500, and timing belt was only recommemded to be replaced at 60 K miles. Found out that Chevrolet knows full well about the problem but has not warned owners or issued a recall, totally negligent. I feel a class action lawsuit is in order, and also I will be calling the television consumer hotlines
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