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Suzuki Vitara Lights Dimming/Fading

slater88slater88 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Suzuki

Lights in my 01 Vitara dim and fade every now and then. This includes everything from the Brake lights, to the dash.

Trying to find solution, so the electronics need to be checked out, could it a be a fuse or something?

Please help me out.


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    kizzukikizzuki Member Posts: 3
    I have the answer for you!! It is due to a weak voltage regulator in the alternator. The alternator can be expensive(upwards of $300), however if you have a Smyth Automotive or Parts Plus in your area, i got a reman for 150.00 with a lifetime warranty!! Fixed it and no more flashing lights!!!!!!! :shades:
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    kizzukikizzuki Member Posts: 3
    Ok, my blower quit and lights began the pulsating almost overnight. I replaced the alternator and no more dimming lights but found the defrost fuse blown now. Replaced it and drove about 5 minutes and pop!!!! This fuse also controls the auto-light sensor and the blower switch. New blower, resistor, and now a switch and it still blows the fuse!!!! Help me please, I cannot figure it out. Any info appreciated cold here now and need to fix asap. :sick:
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    slater88slater88 Member Posts: 2
    Did you replace the alternator or the 'voltage regultor'.

    I might go to a car wreckers / junk yard to see if i can find an old vitara with a good alternator there.

    I still have the flashing lights - the official suzuki repair shop couldnt figure it out, they said it could be the battery - or the nodes on the battery... But replaced both and still messed up lights.

    Thank you very much for your reply, really appreciate help.

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    13eddie13eddie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 GV, with less than 9000 miles which 1500 of them are towed mileage towed behind my home home. I have have towed to two different dealer to find out why my battery is dead after arrive at next stop. Have to get a jump start just to get out of tow mode, fallow and the instruction in the book but doesn't seem to make any difference. Also the smell of burnt wiring or rubber coming near the callick convertor. Any suggestion
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    bm000092bm000092 Member Posts: 70
    We would need more details. That burn smell, is it after you drove it, after you towed it ? GVs have an anti-rust coating that smell like burnt oil for a few 1000k Kms. That dead battery, is it happenning only after you towed it ? does it happen also when resting a couple of days without moving ?
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