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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited April 2014 in Honda
The Honda Insight won the Most
Significant Vehicle Award

"The nominations: Honda S2000, Honda Insight and
the Jaguar S-type. The votes were counted. The
envelope was torn open (read: another email)…the
landslide winner is Honda's Insight."

What are your thoughts on this car of the future,



  • If they offered it with a conventional gas engine, I would buy one. We need a replacement for the late, lamented CRX. And despite Honda's reputation for engineering excellence, I wouldn't buy a hybrid vehicle.
  • I applaud Honda, for bringing this car to market!
    Anyone who has looked at fuel prices lately has to
    appreciate the long term value of a car that gets 70MPG.

    Let's face it - we need this kind of new technology, lets not lament over yesterdays CRX.

    Don't you REX fans get all upset...maybe this
    baby will transform into the REX of tomorrow!
  • Has anyone actually bought an Insight? MY locak dealer says they won't have them for a couple of weeks.
  • I came across this link on (a honda/acura
    rumors site), it's about an owner's experiences
    with it.. take a looksee.. (I'm not the author)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thanks for the link, greggmac. There is nothing like first-hand knowledge when it comes to car opinions!

  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    i haven't seen one in person yet, but kind of sorry for rushing into honda last fall and buying a civic ex. i don't know if i would like to have a car with p155 series tires though. but i would defenately love to have all the gismos that come with it. if they umped the hopsepower a bit i think it would make it a more sellable as well as getting rid of those citroen looking rear whell covers. i think if they just made a crx shape more streamline it would make it more interesting as well.
    just my 2 cents
  • Does honda insight comes with automatic transmission? if anybody knows the answer please email your answer to [email protected]
  • I have heard that Honda will offer the automatice CVT transmission with the Insight soon. Don't know how true it is but I've emailed my local Honda dealer to find out.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Have you seen our Honda Insight test drive yet? Please take a look and tell us what you think!

  • What makes the Insight a significant vehicle? It claims 70 mpg, but how does it do this? It is simply a dramatically underpowered vehicle with 120 rechargeable torch batteries to help it get up the first short hill it comes to, or to make its first freeway on-ramp acceleration! A truly significant vehicle would get 70 mpg without seriously compromising its whole reason for existence. The coverage of this car lacks any sort of critical perspective.
  • psyoppsyop Posts: 1
    I have to agree with the previous poster about the Insight. My 1987 Honda CRX-HF to this day will get 45mpg in the city easy and on the highway it can easily hit 55mpg. Back in it's prime I once hit 70mpg on a long trip. All of this occurred without me ever having to worry about a silly 365lb weight limitation or gusty winds or driving just a specific way that could endanger my life on today's freeways. From what I have heard and read, you can honestly expect anywhere from 25 to 70mpg out of the insight. It's way to light to be safe, plus it can be a real chore to drive overall. I think it's great the Honda has put the car and it's technology out into production, but I honestly don't think it is that far beyond my 13 year old CRX-HF.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Hype or not, but none other has matched the Insight yet. This is not a mainstream car, atleast not intended to be, but somebody has to start somewhere, beyond showcasing impractical concepts, and keep advancing on the practical design for a better technology in a few years. In fact, "Insight-Technology" based Civic is supposed to be coming out this year!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    FYI, More than 200 already sold (in two months), not too bad, after a slow start (50+ in first month).
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    HP/weight ratio is 23 HP/lb, pretty good for a 0-60 run in about 10 seconds.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    Subaru sold the Justy (and still does in Europe). It had 3 cyl. and no battery assist. and I knew someone who drove
    on mountain roads every day for years so how much of a problem could it be. Civic doesn't do any better than 10 seconds. It's terrible but it's not going 700 miles on a tank.
    Honda became famous because its CVCC engine was the first to meet the federal emissions standard
    in the early 70's. This was a true achievement
    since apparently the law existed and every American car maker just said "no."
    I remember the 1973 energy crisis and gas lines and rationing. It's difficult to believe the US
    in on the verge of such a crisis again and people are on CNBC and CNN saying things like, "I guess I'll use a stroller and wheel my child around instead of putting him in my SUV and driving around my neighboorhood to get him to go to sleep every time."
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    No that's not true. The emissions of specific compounds are fractions of the best ULEV engine
    being sold in a 2000 Civic.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    I've read these and been to the insightman site.
    Thanks for the posts and links. An "Insight-based" Civic sedan is something I'd like to see.
  • flbrkfflbrkf Posts: 1
    With all the thought that went into the Insight, why does Honda only offer a black interior? Seems like that will add a heck of a load to the A/C in summer where I live.
  • FYI, to add larger, wider tires would increase the weight and surface area in contact with the road.
    By increasing the horsepower you'd eat more fuel and battery power.
    Unfortunately, the cars of the future will probably be bubble, roach-shaped cars for the sake of aerodynamics.
    If these 3 things are changed, the fuel economy will change too. Until this all gets perfected, we can only change the color. There are other cars available. Look up They have a few vehicles available and also have many links to other alternative fuel vehicles. Even if one's not interested, it makes for entertaining web surfing.
  • crc64crc64 Posts: 2
    I own a V-6 Accord LX, a Civic LX, and an Insight.
    The Insight is more fun to drive than the Civic and Accord. I would view the Insight as another great Honda.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Finally spotted one on road here in Dallas (Irving). I'm sure the owner was proud of his unique car (it sure looked like it). The car caught my eye from quite a distance!
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    There is a positive review of the 2000 Insight in
    the June issue of Motor Trend (page 110) or surf
    for it ( this is something
    coming from car guys. I could have had a Insight ! I don't know if hybrids fuel cells or whatever will be it but most of us know 15 MPG SUVs (silly
    urban vehicles) don't make much sense.

    Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Drove the Insight yesterday on a test drive, as my silver version will be in very shortly. Drove great, lots of fun. When I lifted the rear "hatch" and saw the aluminum cover for the batteries . . . there, in big bold letters: "Do not remove cover. THIS WILL KILL YOU." I swear, I'm not paraphrasing. I wondered . . what happens if I am rear ended? Any info on the safety of this new vehicle? Thanks. Pete
  • strawkirkstrawkirk Posts: 1
    So far my Insight is everything it's cracked up to be! Mileage, batteries staying charged up, no great loss of battery charge during assist, quiet, easy to drive, shuts off at stops, starts up when you're ready to move. Can't say enough good thins about it. Supply and Demand is driving the price up, up, up!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thank you, strawkirk! It is great to hear from an owner. Please, keep us posted about your experience. What made you decide on the Insight?

    Any other lurking Insight owners in the Hall?

  • dsmillerdsmiller Posts: 1
    Insight 912 is an extremely well-built car which is much fun to drive. Hard to get excellent mileage because I love its acceleration. 55 mpg to date. Only negative is lack of a cruise control.

    So far meets all my expectations and then some. Perfect as a second car.

    Paid 20,495 for mine including a.c. Dealer was very helpful.
  • silfoxsilfox Posts: 2
    I notice negative remarks from people who don't own one. I love mine. Fun, peppy, economical. Had trouble convincing my dealer about 8 year battery warranty. Anyone else? Also, battery charges great but sometimes not as well as others. Anyone have an idea why. Getting 53 so far.
  • silfoxsilfox Posts: 2
    If you are willing to answer questions about your car, please e-mail me at [email protected] Dealer here doesn't know much.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Just won 'The best engine in the world' award in annual international engine awards. Another Honda to come close was the third pick, S2000.
    Link in
  • rerednawrerednaw Posts: 16
    I was looking into purchasing an Insight, but when a friend of mine told me that the local dealer had tacked on almost an additional 15k in markups, I was immediately turned off. I really get tired of that kind of business. Isn't Honda trying to push this new (well not really that new) technology? How do they expect this car to be a financial success if dealers price it out of reach?

    So I was just wondering, what were the going prices around the country. Start with what the dealer had on the car, and what you finally got it for after the hell of wheeling, dealing and dickering. If anyone got the vehicle at invoice or close to invoice I would reallly like to know.

    BTW on a side note for a few years I drove Nissan Sentra, back when it was the boxy-basic type of vehicle. And in southern California stop and go traffic, I still managed 50 miles a gallon (with the AC on). Having Insight owners getting real-life mpg of 50 or so makes me wonder if this auto has all this new energy saver technology in it, why isn't the real-world mileage at least better than that?

    Now don't get me wrong, I would still like one, but for a hybrid the vehicle seems to fall a little short. All I can say is that for a 'new' type of vehicle at least the base invoice isn't outrageous.

    Anyway, just wanted some input on my questions.

    Thanks all.

    Mike (from Las Vegas)
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