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Porsche Cayenne vs. Acura MDX vs. BMW X5

x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
I know its maybe a little off of a comparison as some might say the MDX isn't quite as luxury of a vehicle but its not a Honda it is Acura a luxury brand and they are about the same size.

I guess the Porsche is considerably more expensive and with the same or less features of the MDX making it not worth it other then if you really like the looks better.

This would be for an 09 in both with the 2010 coming soon on both so great deals on the 09.

I do like the looks of the Cayenne, probably a little bit better then the MDX but as you can tell by my previous comments I'm already pre disposed to the MDX just knowing its the better value for the money with Acura having probably the best technology in the industry (as far as nav and other interior tech)

its just the MDX doesnt' excite me that much while the Cayenne kind of does so i wanted to get a break down of the differences and see maybe the Cayenne isn't so much more cost wise as I think and maybe is closer overall to the MDX then i realize?

what about the reliability etc. of the Cayenne, I know the MDX is recommended and ranked in the top 5 or so every year in consumer reports. i know the 09 is but i'd have to check what consumer reports says about the 09 Cayenne.

if anyone has an issue or knows what CR says about the Cayenne I'd be interested in that for starters and then the basic break down of differences between these 2.

open to other mid size suvs that compete with these 2 but I think there really isn't anything that great or that compares.

maybe the X5 and i see there is a Cayenne vs. X5 thread but i kind of already ruled the X5 out though not completely I guess.

the MDX is def a tad bigger then the X5 but i'm thinkin the Cayenne compares in size to the MDX and most importantly cargo space?

I'm coming for an 06 Subaru B9 Tribeca so some may say that all 3 of these (mdx, x5, cayenne) are much more luxury but the tribeca is pretty luxury and the main thing is the Alfa Romeo esque styling of the 06 and 07 (was designed by a guy who designed for Alfa Romeo) before Subaru changed the Tribeca design and in 08 to a more conservative run of the mill suv look. and even took the B9 out of the name

I'm thinking this will make the rare 06 and 07 in some demand but i'm probably just going to trade it in to the dealer to save tax on the purchase of new vehicle then trying to search out ppl looking for 06 and 07 tribecas

mine does look hot with 22" black wheels and tintened windows and some other accessories but yeah I know the MDX for one thing has some additional features not in the tribeca though i have nav and dvd ent. so looking to get teh same in any new vehicle.

so nav and dvd ent. would be one thing to consider in the new vehicle.

i know MDX probably has the best nav of the 3 (if i'm now including the X5. yeah mine as well and i added it to the title)

what about DVD ent. which of the 3 has the best for that?

i know the new Lexus RX puts a screen in each of the 2 headrests and i think there is a GM model (possibly Acadia) that did the same. its usually an aftermarket thing but thats cool that some are doing it factory option now. That option isn't enough to go for the RX though i dont think as i'm not crazy about the styling of the new 2010 RX and its general size and especially cargo area is def smaller then the MDX and probably the Cayenne i'm pretty sure. closer to the X5 probably but X5 could even be a tad bigger then then the RX? though the new 2010 RX does have a longer wheel base so maybe it now has a bit more cargo room but its def on the smaller side of the mid size suv category.

actually i just realized that the Cayenne for whatever reason isn't in Consumer Reports. least it used to not be so may still not be. I really wouldnt' get any vehicle that doesnt at least get the check mark in CR for recommended. many vehicles get recommended and then its just a mater of how high their overall rating is. like the tribeca was recommended but it was in the top5 overall rating for mid size suvs where as the 2009 MDX is

styling wise I definately like the Cayenne the most i think adn then MDX and X5 are probably tie with a bit of an endge towards the X5.

but while its nice for the vehicle to excite you and styling to be key but in the end the reliability and the features and how well they work like the NAV etc. is most important.

if the Cayenne was the same price as the MDX and had exact same rating and just as good of a NAV and other features then it would a new brainer as i like the styling better but in this case i think the price diff and value on the MDX plus better nav etc. so basically a better vehicle and for less is not worth going with the Cayenne just cus i like the styling better.

coming from the 06 Tribeca it has the headlights on the roof line the way the Cayenne does and similiar front hood slope though the tribecas is a little low to the ground in the front which i never loved. I do love the Cayennew front end how it slopes down like a sports car like the tribeca but still is high enough off the ground unlike the tribeca which again i always felt was a little low in the very front.

the tail end of the Cayenne is ok, it just looks a little plain and the tail lights are a little bleh but its still pretty good and the side and front view make it one of my favs for looks in mid size suv plus just the make of Porsche is still pretty neat for an suv though not a new thing anymore.

i think service and parts wise the Acura beign Honda is going to be way more practical and cheaper then german Cayenne or X5

coming from the Tribeca with the industry leading symmetrical AWD, only Audis quattro awd is as good or better and its prob similiar in the porsche? being VW Audi and Porsche are kind of the same? X5 i guess has good awd and MDX's sh awd while more for handlign i'm sure is good in rain and snow in the mdx since its an suv.

but still for keeping awd as good or better then the Tribeca, that edge probably goes to the Cayenne? at least if it is closely the same as audis quattro awd. funny thing though about the tribeca being it has also the low sittin and evenly waited on both sides boxer engine, it has been said that its more like a porsche suv then the Cayenne which doesn't have that evenly waited boxer engine.

all my research always comes back to the MDX witht he best tech (nav , bluetooth etc.) best bang for the buck with features (automatica tailgate included in the tech package etc.) and highest rated of these 3 plus most reliable etc.
plus its probably slighlty the biggest of these 3 with the Cayenne a close second? and then X5 as far as overall size but especially cargo area space.

but again i just acn't get that exited by the MDX styling. while it is an improvement over the last one which was bsed on a honda minivan, its still not that great and the 2010 refresh its getting isn't changing much other then the grille to that of t


  • jocko1jocko1 Posts: 3
    I just went through this exact choice and went with the Cayenne. I drove all three . . . was just about to go with the MDX . . . but at the last minute decided it was too ugly. Also, got a great deal on the Cayenne.
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    Hi, I almost 95% decide to go w/ MDX but still always mention to my wife I like the Cayenne style the most. Can I know what the great deal like you have? Is it really exciting good to chage your mind in the last minites?
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    yeah the Cayenne styling was my favorite and most exciting and passionate about. I wouldn't say the MDX is ugly but its definately not that exciting.

    I went with the MDX for the best rated of the 3 and most reliable plus best price. i talked with a few porsche dealers and there didn't seem to be any deals really to be had nnot that i searched much but still the few inquired with just acted like ppl that want a porsche dont get a deal so that was it.

    bottom line was once i added stuff it got to a ridiculour price not worth it and no matter what was going to be getting way way more features and car for less money with the mdx over the cayenne and even the x5.

    MDX is more practical for a famly car while my daughter s young. maybe when she is older I can get a Cayenne more for myself but right now its really not worth it. almost everything about the MDX is rated better and for less money.

    passion and excitement for the styling is one thing but it only goes so far when it loses to the MDX in every other way plus the mdx is cheaper making the cayenne a totally impractical pick just for looks and name but lacking everything else plus the highest price.

    thats like the Range Rover. its one of the worst least reliable suv with tons of problems and terrible rated yet most expensive. all it has its looks, everything else fails including the price. the cayenne is probably not as bad but similiar category.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    plus once you accessorize the MDX and tint the front windows and put some nice aftermarket larger upgraded tires and wheels on it, it looks pretty damn good nad it has a much tougher look especialy front end then both the X5 and cayenne though i like the cayenne front end as its while its sloped down like a spports car it still has an high aggressive front end with big air intakes but still driving an mdx next to a cayenne the mdx still sits abit above it and face to face has a higher stronger front end so that is kind of a plus. the x5 is the worst front end i think now which i have grown to really not like with its wimpy german bwm trademark grill like that of a 3 series just looks too small wimpy for an suv.
  • hby123hby123 Posts: 5
    not meant to start a debate because looks is so subjective.... I also spent a lot of time deciding among MDX X5 and Cayenne before going for the Cayenne in the last minute. the front end of MDX was one of the reasons I didn't get the MDX. wife said it reminded her the megatron in the movie transformer. there is nothing wrong with it but it was not for us. Personally I felt Cayenne drives the best among the three, X5 slightly better looking, and MDX the most practical. X5 seems to suffer more quality issues than the other two according to online user reviews. this could be selection bias but i was not willing to trying it out myself. all good SUVs enjoy
  • bdmccullenbdmccullen Posts: 6
    My first reaction to the comparison of an MDX to a Cayenne was surprise because when I think of an MDX I think soccer mom car. To test my theory, I looked for MDXs yesterday (they are everywhere in the suburbs) and saw 6... all driven by women.

    So, if you want a nice soccer mom car buy an MDX... maybe you can find a nice Teal one. If you want something different and fun to drive buy a Cayenne (preferably an S) and throw it in Sport mode.
  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 42
    I looked and test drove the three cars but can't decide on which one I should buy. MDX is the cheapest but wasn't happy about the interior quality and the front end look. BMW x5 is the most expensive and I had leased one six years ago and it was great. Audi Q7 is not bad looking but not sure about the maintenance and repair issues.

    What would you recommend and why?

  • bdmccullenbdmccullen Posts: 6
    Surprised to see you list the Q7 as I think that is a much bigger vehicle... a true 8 passenger crossover. I'd recommend the Audi Q5 over the X5 or MDX. The Q5 is very nicely appointed and handles very nicely. Its exterior styling blows the MDX away and compared favorably with the X5 and Cayenne. I think I'd favor it over the base Cayenne but I also think you can get some great deals on an S and I would splurge for that if possible.
  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 42
    Q5 is kind of small for me and I believe it was specifically introduced to compete with BMW x3, RDX and the new small crossover MB. I love the Cayenne S but I'm trying to stay away from to 60k price tag.

    I also heard from the Audi dealer that Porsche is using the Audi Q7 engine for their Cayenne cars.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    I like the Cayenne also. I may settle for the VW Touareg TDI V6 diesel. I would sure entertain the Cayenne if they go diesel. I just am tired of hitting the gas station every 300-400 miles. I have no doubt the TDI will get 30 MPG on the highway. About double my Sequoia. The $116k price tag on the Cayenne S would give my wife a heart attack.
  • hby123hby123 Posts: 5
    if you want diesel, i think the x5 diesel could be another one. i was deciding between cayenne s and x5 35d before going for the cayenne. 35d is a sweet diesel engine too
  • hby123hby123 Posts: 5
    not sure if the V6 used by Cayenne is from Audi/VW but it is my impression the 4.8V8 is pure porsche engine
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    I would give the X5 35d a TEN for performance, mileage, handling. I think it is a great vehicle. I did not think the X5 was as comfortable as the Mercedes ML320 CDI I test drove. I prefer the BMW inline 6 engine over the V6 diesel from the rest. I don't like the Urea injection forced onto them by CA. The earlier MB diesels do not need Urea. Same engine as the new ones. Top that off with diesel in my little area of San Diego is 10 cents cheaper than Regular unleaded.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    A soccer mom car with more power, less money and better handling than the base Cayenne. I will take that. Get the S and you comparing apples and oranges.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    funny about the MDX being a soccer mom car. you can say that about almost any SUV but actually the MDX is probably one of the more masculine and truck like of any in the midsize suv category (along with maybe the Pathfinder which is too bulky and boxy like the Pilot)

    I see tons of soccer moms in BMW X5's and Porsche Cayennes. yes they are country club soccer moms but honestly the soccer mom arguement is bs at this point because both of those suv are more feminine and driven by women.

    like someone said, MDX is more power, less money , and better handling. add to that the better features and more cargo room and overall space it just wins overall pretty significantly.

    significantly enough that no matter how much I tried to consider other midsize suvs, it always came back to the mdx.

    i mean to each his own and i've already admitted that I like the Cayenne styling the best, believe me. But i had to make that a secondary priority to the important stuff like features and price and reliability and cost to maintain etc. Maybe when i'm older i would do the Cayenne but while i have a young child and all the MDX is just better overall.

    its not perfect. even from the Subaru B9 Tribeca I had before, I actually believe it or not found a couple things better about that suv over the MDX. mostly the fact that the back seat could move forward and back and if you put it all the way back it had the most backseat legroom of any midsize suv and more then the larger MDX even.
    plus the puddle lights on the Tribeca were cool.

    other then that though I think the MDX is better in every way and though the evenly weighted boxer engine made the Tribeca more like a porsche suv then the cayenne and the symmetrical AWD is probably industry leading (along with quattro) the SH AWD is right up there and prob one of the best for handling which acura claims others car companies are try to copy and emulate the sh awd. I'm sure its more then adequate for rain and snow too but its nice that it has an emphasis on handling so the awd is actually used during the majority of dry non foul weather driving as well for the handling aspect.

    Believe me, i considered everything. The Mazda CX9 sometimes trys to compete with the MDX and its decent looking enough but in the end its just going to fall short of the Acura and its made by Ford and shares a platform with the Edge and so that just completely eliminates it. but it is cheaper then the MDX so ppl may like that but for me the MDX was perfect middle territory, being still a luxury make in Acura but yet less then the X5 and Cayenne, both of which you get less for way more money.

    I did like the nice larger size of the Buick Enclave and its rounded looks but its not rated as well as the MDX and who wants a GM right now when you can have the year after year highly rated Honda/Acura reliability. in that regard Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura just win. The Lexus RX350 is smaller then the MDX though and also very soccer mom feminine so that was out. I love Nissan/Infiniti but i had a pathfinder in the past and the new one is almost too big and boxy like the Pilot.

    some say a Pilot is a slightly larger cheaper MDX but the only thing they share is the chassis. again MDX is more perfect giving me luxury but yet still very masculine truck like and utilitarian suv that I'm not afraid to actually use like i would the cayenne.

    the X5 front end just looks wimpy to me anymore with the small bwm grille. i like the rear but thats it. again you just get so much less for so much more money with both of those.

    the Q7 is too big and looks like a long wagon and just not as good as the MDX in other ways , not rated as well and more money. the Audi Q5 is x3 size so thats completely out.

    i could go on but point is i considered everyting and for me it just always came back to the MDX. even if the styling doesn't excite me as much as some of the others (mostly just cayenne) and in some ways not even as much as my 06 Tribeca (only 06 and 07 had the Alfa Romeo front grill and hood line headlights like the Cayenne before the redesigned it in 08 to a more conservative suv design looking like everything else) but the MDX styling is decent enough and it has a strong front end and back end.

    with some nice accessories (which are much more reasonably priced then X5 or Cayennes) and then tinting the frotn windows to match the backs and putting some 22" wheels on the MDX, believe me its one of the best looking things on the road so that takes care of the looks.

    look in the end its personal preference somewhat, but the ratings from consumer reports can't be argued with as they are the only unbiased publication (unlike car and driver etc) everyone always says what they have is the best but I try to be honest. I admit several times that for me the Cayenne is the best looking but to say its a guys car and the mdx is a soccer mom is wrong because i see tons of women in the cayenne (and granted i said country club women) so that argument is just bogus. yes there are lots of mdx on the road because its popular, well rated and not overly expensive. meanwhile there are just as man X5 though and plenty of Cayenne so its not like its so rare.

    exclusivity is nice and i had it for years with the 06 B9 Tribeca (shortened to just Tribeca in 08) was one of the first on the roads. took the subaru symbol off, ppl would always stare at it, compliment it and ask me what it was and sometimes i'd say a new Alfa Romeo suv (the front and rear end were both very Alfa Romeo like and not by accident as the guy who designed it , designed for Alfa Romeo before Subaru) and i had it all h ooked up with wheels and everything so yeah, it was the only thing on the road that looked like it even compared to other 06-07 B9's which there weren't many of anyway.

    so i lost exclusivity but the Cayenne wouldn't have neccesarily given me that and I customize my MDX enough to make it unique which is much more affordable to do th en on the Cayenne where even on the base the accessories and options can take you up to 70-80k very quickly.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Let me interject a note of sanity here. Actually, two notes of sanity.

    1) If you are like most people, you buy a car, you run it, and you wind up owning it for 5 to 7 years minimum. Which dealer will give you the better experience (quality people, free loaners, personal attention, etc.) over the next 7 years?? The high volume store where your sales "consultant" will be long gone in 60 days? Or, a niche sports car manufacturer who has to fight for every sale and seems determined to keep the customer? I get notes on personal stationary from Porsche (not Porsche-dealer) executives seemingly every month or so, four years after I bought my Cayenne!

    2) The Cayenne, even the V6, qualifies as a Section 179 deduction. Don't even ask your CPA what this means. Just understand that the government just paid for 33% of your new SUV if you use it in your business as a delivery vehicle of sorts.(Is life fair? Where was Dick Cheney when I was in the Mekong Delta making $99 a month and saving it to build a company?).

    All in all, a modestly optioned V6 Cayenne is the Best Buy now on the market. I think that with a sunroof, Bose, and heated, leather seats (what else could you reasonably need?) , you would be well under 40K with the Section 179 deduction. If you don't own a company nor are in a professional LLC that lets you use deductions such as these, I think the price of poker just went up. Maybe you should rethink your transportation spending. The 2009 Volvo XC70 which now is around 30K after some pushing and shoving may be more reasonable.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    Not having the business deduction, I would opt for the wannabe Cayenne from VW. With the TDI it will get 30 MPG on the highway and not be subject to a bunch of gas guzzler regs. They are the same chassis, though I am sure the Porsche has much refinement not found in the Touareg. As far as the MDX, I tried one and do not think it should be in the same garage as any of the others mentioned. Worst seats of all the SUVs I test drove before buying the current Sequoia. X5 seats were not much better. Though you cannot compare the 150 less ft lbs of torque in the MDX to the X5 diesel. Makes highway cruising a dream. Whatever you do it should be in the next couple years, as we may be seeing the last of decent sized SUVs.
  • jcchevyjcchevy Posts: 13
    I'm glad I read these posts. Thank you all for your input and advice. I'm in the process of deciding on either the Cayenne S, X5 4.8, MDX, or Range Rover Sport. I drove them all. The Cayenne S (385 hp) is the fastest and I think (because I love music) has the best stereo system out of any. I just loved the pick up on the S and the handling (took on ramp to highway at about 60 - reminds me of my 911 i used to have). Handling was awesome. I do like the other cars as well and there's a bunch of deals going on right now. 1.9% from porsche, 2.9% bmw (5.9% deisel), i think i saw 0.9% for the range rover sport, and i think 2.9%
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    Range Rover are the worst rated adn worst reliability. if you can afford a cayenne S then id say go with that and since you seemed to like it best and had a porsche before.

    the interior is a little bland but its probably the nicest styling of the bunch.

    the MDX is the best rated and most reliable, best resale value and best overall. but its the safe pick with avg styling which is decent but not exciting like the cayenne.

    also the price of the cayenne S and x5 4.8 is a huge jump above the mdx. of course they beat it but is the huge jump in price worth 85 more hp for instance? prob not. more fair to compare base cayene and x5 3.0 to the mdx. and the mdx still would beat them for value to price.

    but again if your looking for passion and status and all that then cayenne s or x5 which id go for the cayenne cus noone really looks at an x5 as that much fancier then an mdx anyway if at all.
  • buyusedbuyused Posts: 11
    Agreed. I bought the Gunmetal Grey MDX Sport with sport running boards/front and rear lower garnish/roof rails and fender garnish. It's sharp and I get a lot of complements on it. Thought about the 19" rims, but I blew the extra 3 grand on my birthday in Vegas instead...oh the memories!

    Besides, there's a quiet cool about the MDX. Drivewise, it does every thing very well or great; no mediocrity here. It's a vehicle for you, not your audience; though they do seem to appreciate it. Plenty masculine for me...then again, I'm not insecure.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    "I see tons of soccer moms in BMW X5's and Porsche Cayennes. yes they are country club soccer moms but honestly the soccer mom arguement is bs at this point because both of those suv are more feminine and driven by women."

    Really? More X5s are driven by women? Would you care to substantiate that claim? What are BMW's sales demographics for the X5? (Count this as a rhetorical question since I'm sure you don't know the answers.)

    I live in the wealthiest county in the country, according to the U.S. Census, and 2 more of the top five wealthiest counties are right next door. Drive by a public or private school at the end of the day and you'll see a long boring look-alike line of Lexus RX and MDX waiting for the kids. They are mini-van grocery-getter vehicles around here. I would no sooner own an MDX than I would buy a Chrysler mini-van.

    It's funny how right next to this posting window are the customer satisfaction surveys that rate the X5 significantly higher than the MDX.
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    As a female driver, who has owned both an Acura MDX and a Cayenne -
    I can say that with out a doubt the Cayenne is a finer machine.
    Traded the MDX for a 2006 Cayenne, which I loved...
    Spouse has a new MDX, which does not compare in comfort, style or driving to my now "totaled" Cayenne - I was rear ended by large truck running almost 60mph, pushed almost 200 ft into another vehichle.... so I also consider the Cayenne to be superior in safety!
    I'm looking for a new Cayenne, even after driving many SUV's that would be considered comparable... I can say with out a doubt - Nothing I have driven is in the same class as the Cayenne.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    May I suggest you taking a look at the X6, I know there are lots of people who hate the x6 but if you're looking at safety and a solid ride, I think its 1 up on the cayenne.
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    Thank you, will check it out...
  • gurmgurm Posts: 27
    Alright anon3.....what kind of country's rich counties you live in...malibu beach or what,,,,,huh?? I live in Kirkland, WA in King county & its most expensive part of Seatte area to live in. I saw your posting few weeks back. Now get ready for some numbers. I drive about 14 miles each way to work...I have so far seen about 23 BMW X5s & about 19 of them were being driven by women, saw a couple at local Safeway for groceries, one at a local paint store by a lady again. Saw about 32 MDXs, 17 by women, rest by males, didn't bother to worry about Cayenne or Lexus. Now that doesn't mean these numbers mean anything or stand a justification, but just an example for you. Your point is BMW'a more of a man's car, that's just an illiterate statement. Do you think women don't drive X5? or do you think only women drive MDX? Or do you think all the guys who buy MDX or X5 don't have wives & so they can't drive their family SUV to school, or groceries??? Truth is these SUVs are mostly owned by families & anybody in the family can drive, is that right or you wouldn't let your wife drive your X5 (if you even have one)?? Have you ever heard that a single lady bought an MDX or X5 or even a single mom living on her own bought an MDX or X5?? These are two good family SUVs. Regarding comparisons with other SUVs, see us news ranking which has MDX on number one & X5 on 10 plus for last couple of years including 2010. And I drive an Audi S4, a V8 340 hp, 2008 MDX sports, sold an X5 last year for an MDX & yes I know sporty rides & SUVs, MDX is much better than X5. BMW's sale demographis, where do you get that from?? Now I won't say unlike other people that I have owned 15 X5s, 12 MDXs etc etc. People should think smart before making statements & yes please consider Chrysler mini-van.
  • Took your advice & drove the BMW. Also drove the Lexus, Mercedes M class and the Volvo... none of them gave me the thrill of driving that my Crushed Cayenne did.
    I have purchased an Audi Q5 (sight unseen, no test drive). It was delivered Monday and I must say that I am thrilled! It may not be a Cayenne, but its an awesome drive, fun, sporty and feels like a good solid ride. I would bet that the Q7 would be a wonderful drive too!

    If you haven't driven the Audi Q5 do yourself a favor and take one for a spin! :)
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hello, congratulations on your new Q5.

    I think it was a surprise that u went for an Audi, if u liked the cayenne so much why didn't u get another cayenne?

    Somehow I feel the Q5 to be not as safe as the cayenne, I could be wrong, btw,which bmw did u test? The x5 or the x6?

    Hows the Q5 experience so far?
  • Hi. What did you end up buying and what did you pay. Thanks

    Hi. Just wondering what you ended up buying. I'm looking into almost all of the same cars.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252 ac_srx_m-b_ml350_lexus_gx470_volvo_xc90_vw_touareg_land_rover_lr3-comparison_tes- ts

    The above post is just to show the MDX drives well, thats why it came first. Reliability and fit & finish I would refer to consumer report where it does well.

    I am in the mkt for a 7/8 seater myself and the MDX is at the top of my list. X5, cant do, BMW ranks below Hyundai these days in reliability ratings.

    Cayenne, cant afford optioned the way I like.

    The problem with this comparison is if you take a fully loaded MDX, @ 50k you barely get much for the X5 or the Cayenne. Thats an unfair comparison if you are speaking in global terms but is fair if you are speaking from your perspective. So one with and income of $X will conclude the 50k MDX is the best, which is true at that level. But one with an income of 10*$X is looking to spend up to say $100k, the MDX is not available at that level (for a reason) and is likely going to look like crap compared to the $100k Cayenne. Thats what I see in this comparison although I liked the discussion of the gvt paying 33% for a Cayenne:) Thanks for education. I will look into it.

    My ranking is MDX and absolutely no comment on the other 2 other than BMW seriously needs to look into reliability issues, you cant be a luxury make with reliability ratings at the bottom of the totem pole.
  • I just purchased a MDX but I'm going to disagree with your post.

    I've owned BMWs in the past - their reliability has never been a serious concern as far as I am aware (from personal experience and anecdotal experiences of peers); it is always the out of pocket maintenance costs after their covered maintenance and warranty expire which become expensive. Plus, at least by me, the BMW dealer service experience is outstanding. You drive your car right into heated bays and drive off with a dealer loaner of the same type within minutes and unless your car is off warranty/maintenance, the bill is usually $0.

    Also, that comparison is nearly 3 years old. You can't make many conclusions about it except what one may have done back in 2007.

    Since then, were C&D to do an updated comparison, they'd probably be comparing the MDX to the Audi X5, new Cadillac SRX, new Lexus RX, Audi Q7, Volvo XC60, new Cayenne, new Infiniti FX 35/50, Buick Enclave, and that weird new Lincoln car for which I forget its name.

    The MDX occupies the space as best compromise between luxury, value, driving experience, options, and utility. (IMO), Each and every one of the MDX's competitors beats the MDX hands down in one of those categories, but not all. I personally don't like the MDX much but it's hard to justify the BMW or Porsche when you have kids and cargo and some sense of fiscal restraint.

    The reasons why someone would choose the X5 or Cayenne over the MDX have nothing to do with utility and everything to do with wanting to drive a certain brand's SUV/CUV offering. For those reasons, I think the MDX sells very poorly if someone wants a Porsche/BMW but cross shops the MDX.
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