BMW M-Coupe Seat belt extension

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Looking for assistance finding a reasonably priced extender (airline seatbelt type) for an M Coupe (2000).

The BMW part is (gasp) $190 for a 7 inch unit with male and female parts bavarianauto site). I can get an extender that is installed on the lower end of the belt where it is attached to the seat but prefer to find a reasonably priced one of the type I mentioned above.

Apparently pre-2004 seat belt equipment was different than the connectors today. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated


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    If you are a BMW Car Club member you should be able to find a dealer who will sell the extender for 20%-25% off of MSRP. That would help somewhat...

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    Thanks for the suggestion -- decided to get the lower end solution -- even 25% off is too much -- can't believe there is any more than $10 of material in the darn thing AND you can buy a whole new belt for about $100!

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    Not sure if you found something yet. I've been looking and found this.
    I measured my belt and it's 7/8", I'm going to order one to try.
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    Thanks for sending that along -- I looked at those and actually called the business. I wasn't going to work. Ended up getting the extension that clips on at the other end and , voila, no more problems. It's not as easy to do (you have to take off the original anchor, install the extension, then connect the original one to the extension) but it cost all of about $20.

    Again, thanks for sending that along.

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