4WD or 2WD Toyota RAV4

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Looking at a used (2004) RAV4. Great little cars (suv) but am wondering if a 2WD will work well enough. We live in Iowa, lots of snow....but have always had front wheel drive cars (accords, camrys, nissan) and normally get around just fine. Hate to spend the extra on 4WD if a 2WD will suffice?


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    Personally I will NEVER understand why anyone with the clear and certain expectation of driving on wintertime adverse roadbed conditions would purchase ANY FWD vehicle, especially an "SUV".

    I would look first for a much more safe RWD or R/awd but if you must buy a RAV4 then the F/awd is a "given".
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    I wouldn't want to go back to RWD in the snow unless it worked as good as my '70's era VW Bug.

    The problem with AWD or 4WD is the mileage hit. And I've always had good luck with my FWD in most snow conditions.
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    The chief advantage I see for having 4WD/AWD is that the WSP will allow you to cross the passes without chaining up when the "Chains Required" sign is alight.
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    And you won't find me doing anything at those times but putting tire chains on my rear wheels. I would NEVER run in those conditions in 4WD/AWD locked center differential, just as dangerous as even FWD.
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    The 2WD, is it front or rear WD?

    Also, in snow country like NH, would 4WD be overkill, e.g,, is the 2WD a hybrid system which already gives 4WD when necessary?
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