Help With Body Side Moldings

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Hi, I'd like to get this set of Chrome Line Body Side Moldings that's made for the Rav4:

But I want to use them on another vehicle. I need to know the dimensions of the front and rear doors of a late model Rav4 to know if they would fit.

Would someone be so kind as to measure both doors for me at the center.



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    Hi all

    just got a black ltd 4X4 v6 rav and after getting home realised when I get in and close the door and start the engine and put it in gear the door doesn't lock by itself from inside as happens in my corolla - is this normal or is it a malfunciton? anyone have any advice??cheers.
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    The RAV4 does not come with autolocking doors. Also note that the topic here is side moldings. :)

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