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Isuzu Rodeo Ticking And Knocking

I posted this on another forum, because some guys were having the same problem, but I never got a answer. So I am posting it here.

I have a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 I just changed the timing belt idler pulley and the tension pulley, it went great for about 3 weeks then about 4 days ago got this sound like the ones in those videos on page one. The thing already had tapping, but this extra noise is more than I can bear. It still has great power it has not lost a step, when it comes to power,I really hate to have to break this thing down again. But it does sound like those videos, I wonder if they could have sold me a faulty tension pulley and arm. It has 173.000 miles on it and the body is still clean it is not banged up at all, and I really like this SUV. So who knows what it could be, I think it has something to do with the timing belt system, then again I could be wrong. But it does sound like those videos. And as for the tapping the owner before me did not take great care in oil management. I knew I should have changed that spring loaded tensioner. That is the part you all are talking about aren't you ? And it is not the crank, knocking. And when I accelerate to enough rpm's it goes away, but at a traffic light you can really hear it.


  • zwomackzwomack Posts: 3
    Have you tried higher octane gas?
  • It's the ignition system on it's way out. I had the same problem with my 2002 rodeo sport 4x4 with the 3.2. Even after the timing belt kit change. I got by with plus and super gas for a while before it finally crapped out. When the ignition finally went, it melted both cats, because it created a high speed mis fire. I was in the nj tnpke. Luckily I was able to limp off. It's that electrical looking thing located under the plastic engine cover. Now The engine runs better than ever, I can run regular gas, and no more pinging or knocking. Ang I have better fuel economy. Only problem is you have to get it from the dealer, and it aint cheap.
  • I had the same problem with my 95 Rodeo. It sounded like a rod - knock but did not have any of the symptons besides the noise. The car ran fine and the sound went away at freeway speed but was very loud at idle. It turned out to be the Timing belt Tensioner. The spring (which is seperate from the pulley) went bad allowing the timing belt to slap the pulley into the stopper (Causing the knocking). The replacement was about $120 at NAPA. Good Luck!
  • blazaroblazaro Posts: 1
    a few days ago my rodeo got hit while parked..hardly any visible damage,just to right rear bumper..witnesses stated that when it got hit it was jolted and moved sideways in parking space, which of course i noticed that right away upon arriving at the incident...So, a hour or so later i left and proceeded to drive and heard a ticking noise which ended up getting louder, 5 miles into driving at least then it completely died...Sucked the life out of my battery, eventually got it started, sounds horrible knocking loudly, i had it towed and thinking it was jolted so hard that it was due to earlier incident that day...There is no smoking, no check engine light, oil looks good??? So hopefully ruling out a rod...But the guys insurance adjuster is saying that it is unlikely due to it being jolted and moved sideways..I disagree, i never ever had a issue with this rodeo, especially not the engine, it was always quiet and effecient, still starts right up, engine seems smooth except for loud knocking noise, no bogging down or loss of power..Any clues???
  • chemoniechemonie Posts: 2
    Thanks for taking my sign-in and reply. I had the impossible happen last week-end with my 97 Rodeo! My wife was with me and she won't let me lie.

    I had the perverbial Rodeo ticking for the past 8 years on my 170,000 mile '97 V6 - 2wd - auto- Rodeo. I read about someone doing an oil change useing Mobil One 0W-30 and decided to try it. The person had stated that the ticking was completely gone after around a thousand miles.

    WELL, the impossible happened and my wife was there as a witness.

    I changed to the Mobil One 0W-30 last Saturday. We drove to a shopping center and back home that afternoon. The roundtrip distance is 20 miles. When we were turning in our driveway we both looked at each other in disbelief. THE TICKING HAD COMPLETELY STOPPED! We have driven over 100 miles since then and there has been zero ticking. I can only assume that a large amound of sludge was cleaned out of the engine!

    I e-mailed my info to Mobil Oil and they said I should continue with the Mobil One 0W-30 from now on.

    Do you agree with this or do you think 0W-40 would be better being that I live in a hot/humid area (Tallahassee, Fl.)?

    Thanks for the assist --- Chemonie
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