Thinking of buying 2005 LS Sport: I have questions...

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Well, my wife's '95 SHO is really dying and we've been driving just about everything on 4 wheels over the last year and the only thing that she feels approaches the SHO's ride and power (without spending >$30,000 on a Lexus GS) is a 2005 LS Sport (3.9L). I've been reading this forum and have all the TSBs and the one recall, which I'll look into as being applicable to this vehicle. So, I have a few questions:
1. Based on the group's ownership experiences, are there specific items I should be looking for when I go test drive this car again?
2. The dealer said that we could run a lesser octane than 91 but I've read some different opinions on this forum;
3. I live in PA so I'm thinking of getting a set of Blizzaks for the winter. What's your experience in snow/ice with the car?
4. I can get an additional 3 year Ford warranty that covers just about everything for about $1,000.00. Is it worth it with this car (It sure was with the SHO)?



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    1. Check transmission shifting - some valve bodies had to be replaced IIRC. Check HVAC operation - heating and cooling - both sides. Check hard acceleration to make sure the COPs are ok.

    2. You can run 87 or 89 but you'll get less power and worse fuel mileage, so the net result is you won't save much (if any) money due to the lower FE so why bother? Realistically it's only a few bucks per week anyway.

    3. I live in Atlanta so I can't help there.

    4. It's always a crapshoot. If it's really bumper to bumper coverage for an additional 3 years/36K miles then it might not be a bad idea. Some of the problems are rare but expensive.

    It's a great car. Coming from a SHO I think you'll be quite impressed with the performance and handling and luxury amenities.
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    The warranty is Ford's "Premium" ESP (
    Is there a TSB on the tranny valve bodies?
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    I think so but that won't affect warranty coverage. If it fails during the warranty period it's covered. If if fails outside the warranty period then it won't be covered. Period.
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    i'm woking on my 2000 ls with a 3.0 i replaced my cops and i still have a miss once up to temp under load any suggestions
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    Yes - stop cross posting!
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    I think the Transmission issues were pretty much gone by 2005. It shifts pretty firm which I like but a thorough test drive should give you a pretty good idea.

    Akirby pointed out issues to look out for. I bought my '05 last summer and I've had no problems except for a rear axle seal (fixed under warranty).

    For a grand I'd seriously consider that warranty. The dealer I bought from wanted triple that for a warranty. I passed.

    I drove mine through a Wisconsin winter with all-seasons and it was OK at best. Blizzaks would probably be a good investment.
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    Is there a magical, perfect all-season tire that functions well in moderate snow and can provide decent performance in spring, summer and fall? We don't get a huge amount of snow in PA but there are times when it can get slushy or icy and I think the Blizzaks would really help. My other vehicle is an Acura MDX, which likes the winter so that's not my worry: The RWD LS would be.

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    Snow tires will suck in spring summer and fall. Get a good all season tire and either don't drive it when it snows or get a set of blizzaks on steel wheels (you can go 16" on these even if you have the 17" sport wheels - lot cheaper) and just use them during the worst winter months.
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    Yeah I think the best compromise is an all-season, good summer tires suck in winter and something like a Blizzak isn't really meant for summer.

    If you don't want to buy another set of tires and rims, keep the all-seasons and throw some weight in the trunk. I did OK doing that and when we would get real heavy snow or ice either my wife or I would call in to work and the other would drive her 4WD Outlander.
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