2000 ls 3.0 missfire

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i have a 2000 ls i replaced all plugs and cops but still misses under load once up to temp any suggestions


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    Fuel filter? Fuel pump(s)?
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    i dont think so ihave 40 psi at an idel and if it was a filter issue i would think it would do it cold or warm
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    But did you check the pressure under load at higher RPM? May be ok at idle. Bad fuel pump is a common (but not widespread) problem.
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    no but i dont have to be going down the road if i just pull it back into drive it will start missing ive red on here about others having there comuters reflashed is there some issue with them or something that would link it in with my problem
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    Did you check the PCV valve and hose when you had the intake manifold off?
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    yes ive checked every thing and still not sure
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    Did you replace the PCV valve? Do that first. I forgot about that because it's not on the V8s. It will cause those symptoms.
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    ill try that now let u no thanks
  • josh40josh40 Member Posts: 13
    tryed that it didnt change anything
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    It would be useful to know which cylinder is missfiring. Even though you replaced the COPs, I am suspicious of a bad one or a bad connection at one of the COPs.
    You didn't say but I am assuming the "check engine" light is not on?
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    no no check engine light i have a scanner and even when its setting there missing the scanner not showing one nor is it showing any injector faults i thought maybe egr but i took it off cleaned and put suction to it and it functioned normaly
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    If it's missing with no check engine light and you've checked everything else, I'd suspect the PCM (computer). Missing should always throw a CEL.
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    is that a typical problemwith these cars. cause i red a few others on here having to hav thiers reflashed
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    Not typical but it can happen on any vehicle. And reflashing probably won't fix it, but it might be worth a try.
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    what do u suggest a used one
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    I had this experience before and was fixed by my mechanic but it was very expensive, once I found out what the problem was, I was upset because I could of fix the problem myself, it was easy.
    The problem that is causing your misfiring are your "ignition coils" you may have an oil leak, that leaks through the coils and oils up your spark plugs which causes a bad combustion when the electric current runs through and causes really bad misfiring and seem like your car wants to die, choke, or lose power.
    If the misfiring is really bad, it causes your whole car to stop and you cannot turn it back on, maybe sometime after about 3 to 5 minutes then turn it back on, but it will continue to do that until the "Ignition Coils and "spark plugs" are replaced.
    But I think you can do it yourself, just remove the cover where the "Ignition Coils" are at and disconnect the wiring that connects the "Ignition Coils" just unscrew the wiring cables aside, then you can remove the "Ignition coils" with your very own hands, just pull them out, after you pull them out use a Rachet and the proper socket and remove the "Spark Plugs" if there is any oil leaks just clean out the slots where the "Spark Plugs" go in. After doing all that replace all components with new parts. The "Ignition coils" may be a bit expensive, they run up like about $50.00 dollars a piece.
    But since I had a mechanic do it for me he charged me $150.00 dollars each for "ONLY" the ignition coils, plus new spark plugs and all labor, my cost came up just a little over $1,500.00 dollars.

    But to make sure they are the ignition coils see if they have oil leaks or oil on them, (the ignition coils and the spark plugs should not have oil on them,) and check all of them, because if one is bad then the car won't run evenly and if you change only one, there is a very good chance it will be back the way it was, they all must be replaced at the same time, to have a good smooth ride and fire combustion and have the same fire power. If you change one "Ignition coil" then the car will want to run off the newer "Ignition Coil and the spark plug" which I did first and it was a bad idea, then I had to go back to the mechanic and replace all of them.

    So this is a warning.

    Just check the "ignition coils & spark plugs" and if they look fine then ignore this response it could be a different problem.

    But I had major problems with misfiring and I finally got it fixed and I'm happy with it, it's been 3 years now and no problems yet.

    Also I tried to replace just the spark plugs, but that was not it. The problem came back after a week later, but I notice my "Ignition Coils" were all oiled up which was bad.
    So just check these problems first and good luck. This will save you a bundle of cash...!!!$$$
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    ok all i have a 2000 Lincoln LS, 3.0L V were to start with the issues.. first one would i have a huge issue with the misfiring and smelling like gas when i start it up... When i hooked it up to a computer it said cylinder 1,3,5 were misfiring so i have changed all the coils but 2 the 2 that i knew that were not bad and i have changed all the plugs... but when i took out the coil and plug on cylinder 3 there was a bit of crud on it but nothing since. i have changed not i have put new mass air flow sensor. ran a bit better but not sure if it could be an 02 sensor and if so witch one there are 4 and they are anywere to 30 to 60 bucks.. please help
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    but would it make it have that bad gas smell as well
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    not sure how but can any explain how to test them with a test light not the smartest guy but i have changed all the coils so i have some knowing of how to do things ur self
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