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2010 Honda Pilot

commanderscommanders Posts: 7
edited September 2014 in Honda
Any word yet on color selections for the 2010 Pilot? Features/Specs?


  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    4 year new model, minor to moderate change in 2 years, so expect no change in 2010 one...
  • Any idea when the 2010's will start hitting the dealerships?
  • rexfrexf Posts: 20
    Does anyone have any information if Honda intends to address the shortcomings noted by Edmunds and others in the 2009 Pilot? Namely, marginal horsepower, lackluster fuel economy and lousy braking distances. I'm waiting for Honda to fix these issues, otherwise it looks like the 2010 Mazda CX-9 is the vehicle for me.
  • puckman5puckman5 Posts: 3
    Nimbus Gray and Sterling Gray to be replaced by Polished Metal Metallic (Black and Gray interior only for this color). Billet Silver Metallic to be replaced by Alabaster Silver Metallic.
  • commanderscommanders Posts: 7
    Too bad. Wife isn't wild about any of the color choices in 09. Liked the light blue or green metallic of the 08. Any idea if the power tailgate or ??? will migrate down to the EX-L? She wants that, but could care less about Bluetooth, trailer harness, etc. What's your source? Couple salesmen I've talked to claim ignorance. (Understandable; they want to sell 09's now, not wait to maybe sell a 10 in Sep.) Wonder where the 10 sales brochures are being printed? I'll bet the pressman has to sign a non-disclosure statement. :)
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    here is what I found about the 2010


    Styling: Pilot earns crossover cred by blending the blocky profile and high ground clearance of an SUV with a car-type unibody structure. Peel its sheet metal and you’ll find not a truck frame but basically the same chassis used by Honda’s Odyssey minivan (and by the MDX crossover from Honda’s premium Acura division). The 2009 redesign wisely inflated Pilot’s exterior dimensions only slightly, so this wagon remains the most maneuverable eight-seat SUV on the market. Honda also responded to first-generation Pilot owners who said they wanted tougher styling. So the 2010 Honda Pilot gamely wears a caboole of trucky cues: exaggerated fender flares, sapling-thick roof pillars, a flat-nose front end. The grille appears inspired by a tie clip seen on “Mad Men.” And it’s not going to change for 2010.
    Mechanical: The 2010 Honda Pilot boasts impressive engine and driveline engineering. Extracting the most efficiency from its lively, smooth 250-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 is Honda’s advanced Variable Cylinder Management system. This automatically transitions the engine back and forth between six, four, or three cylinders as sensors determine the best balance of fuel economy and power. All Pilots are available with front-wheel drive or Honda’s Variable Torque Management all-wheel drive. Pilot’s not designed for serious off-roading, so its AWD system does not have low-ranging gearing. It’s instead designed to improve grip in all conditions, even on dry roads, and pushing a dashboard button does lock in a front-rear torque split for maximum low-speed traction. Honda says 65 percent of Pilots are ordered with AWD. The sole transmission is a five-speed automatic.
    Features: The 2010 Honda Pilot comes in four levels of trim: base LX, midrange EX, leather-upholstered EX-L, and top-of-the-line Touring. Honda doesn’t offer factory options, but does subdivide the various models to make available just about every comfort and convenience feature. These include power heated front seats, sunroof, Bluetooth phone link, USB connection for iPod and other MP3 devices, navigation with voice recognition, rearview camera, and rear DVD entertainment. Pilot is among the few SUVs with anchor positions for four child safety seats. And it can carry a 4-foot-wide plywood sheet laid flat. All models come with antilock four-wheel disc brakes, traction control, and an antiskid system. Standard are head-protecting curtain side airbags designed to deploy in side collisions as well as in impending rollovers. Front bucket seats and second- and third-row bench seats are standard; second-row captain’s chairs aren’t available. The second and third rows each hold three occupants, and both split and fold.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    After reading through this I'm trying to figure out what's new different as compared to the '09's (?).
  • puckman5puckman5 Posts: 3
    I was at a delaer and they had the 2010 selection board with the various color combinations for interior and exterior. I was actually suprised they showed it to me because usually ignorance is their game when model year changes are right around the corner. He didnt think there would be any other changes for 2010, but he said he wasnt positive.
  • commanderscommanders Posts: 7
    Honda website now showing 2010 models. Re: the Pilot; $150-$250 dollar increase over 2009, delivery now $710. Colors as described above. All other features look like a carbon copy of 2009. Tires are still "small", and may be a factor in tested stopping distances. Same "small" engine, with not the greatest MPG. Sadly, they did not move any of the Touring features down to the EX-L line. It even looks like they reprinted the 2009 brochures with just the captions changed. Wife needs a power tailgate; almost have her convinced on a 09 in dark blue, but once she sees the Polished Metal Metallic...
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Bottom line: the 2010 Honda Pilot should be a virtual duplicate of the 2009, so you won’t go wrong taking advantage of a good deal on a 2009 Pilot.

    2009 Tourings are scare, so 2010 Tourings come to rescue.

    The bad economy hijacked Honda’s plans for a 30-mpg diesel V-6 Pilot with it.
  • azelizabethazelizabeth Posts: 11
    Darn.... I was hoping that the 2010'sEXL would have a navigation option. The only thing I want extra is the navigation... is it worth stepping up to the touring for just that? Tough decision since there are so many deals on the EXL's.

    Any word on any financing specials like on the odyssey's and civics?

  • Elizabeth,

    We have a 2006 EX-L Odyssey with NAV and RES. From our experience, an aftermarket GPS is the way to go. They are much more accurate, can be updated online for free, etc. Our Odyssey's NAV has an older source disk (2005) and many neighborhoods are not listed. The new source disk would cost more than a nice Garmin.

    We are buying a Pilot and really like the Bluetooth and the Auto Liftgate on the Touring. Once again, we added the Bluetooth from Best Buy to our Odyssey aftermarket for $250 and skipped the power liftgate. As scarce as the Tourings are, and with the Honda website featuring 2010s already, it should be a great time to get an EX-L 2009 for $6000+ off MSRP.

    Look for the interest rates to go down in June or July to move the excess 2009 Pilots.

    By the way, I have a loaded Mazda CX-9 and the NAV is just not as good as the portable ones my friends have. They are super accurate. Garmin and Tom Tom
  • azelizabethazelizabeth Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info. Are you getting an EXL or touring? Also... how do you like your cx9... I am going to test drive one before being firm on the pilot. I have always owned Honda's so I am a little hesitant to go to Mazda. Hmmm... isn't June tomorrow?

  • mabbmabb Posts: 5
    When 2010 Pilot be available @ Honda Dealers for ordering. I am looking for a specific color in touring trim, that is no longer available in CA inventory. Any one has experience with pre-ordering and how to negotiate on it?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You can build your exact own 2010 trim in now.

    The sterling gray and nimbus gray color are replaced by new color: polished metal metallic

    Only Red and Mocha offer Beige interior, rest are Black or Gray interior.
  • shodanusmcshodanusmc Posts: 14
    They only thing I do not like on the 09 is the cheap plastic on the dash, and the quality of the interior seems to have dropped quite a bit.
  • I have to agree with you on the dash...does anyone know if they changed that in the 10's? I am also curious about the colors... didn't care too much for the 09 colors except for white (we are in AZ), which of course I can't find on the touring. Still going back and forth between 09 and 10 as well as EXL and touring.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    There is a WHITE Touring w/RES&NAV in Salt Lake
    197.3 Mile(s) from Phoneix AZ

    Ken Garff Honda Salt Lake
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111

    Price $40,864
    Condition New
    Mileage 11
    Trim 4WD 4dr Touring w/RES & Navi
    Trans 5-Speed Automatic with OD
    Exterior Color White
    Interior Color Not Provided
    Stock No. 1H9986
    Vin 5FNYF48949B054279
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Today I checked my dealer inventory and found 30 of 2010 model in stock already.
  • mabbmabb Posts: 5
    I couldn't find any so far in Northern California... if you get to know of any dealer that has 2010 Touring inventory, let me know.
  • getting the EX-L. The extras on the touring just don't substantiate the cost.

    I like my CX-9 (touring model), it drives great, and has had no problems, but I want more of a truck/suv feel and we love our Honda Odyssey.

    Just waiting on rates to drop or a bigger incentive.
  • mabbmabb Posts: 5
    EX-L doesn't have Navigation and parking sensors... that I need.

    Any clue when 2010 Touring inventory will be available in CA?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I spoke with Herb Chambers Honda (Boston) and they said the 2010 will arrive next week. They got the list so posted into inventory as what they are getting.
  • zorkonzorkon Posts: 19
    I just brought home a 2010-EX-L. I discovered (much to my horror), that when the rear window is popped open, locking the car on the key fob turns the car on! I then have to use the key manually to unlock the car and get it and turn it off. It only happens when the rear window is not fully closed.

    Has anyone ever heard of this? I was planning on installing remote start soon anyway, but this is ridiculous.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Please clarify:
    Is there a Honda branded remote starter available?
    Or do I need to buy after-market part and have the Honda dealer install?

    If the dealer does not install, would it void the warranty offered by Honda?

  • zorkonzorkon Posts: 19
    There is a Honda branded remote start available. However, it is quite awful. I had it installed at a cost of $620 and was so disappointed, the dealer agreed to remove and refund it.

    Here's what is not great about it in my opinion:
    - The fob is very large.
    - The range on the fob is not particularly good compared with after-market
    - You cannot unlock the car remotely after remote starting it.
    - Once the car is unlocked, it automatically shuts off (This was really the deal breaker for me)
    - There are a whole host of restrictions as to when the car will allow itself to be started.

    The dealer recommended I purchase an after-market system which would do more and be cheaper too. The dealer would not install an after-market one though.

    The downside is that an after-market system WILL void the warranty. Not the entire warranty, but it does void whatever areas it affects. For example, I imagine it could void the warranty on parts of the electrical system and maybe the starter.
  • zorkonzorkon Posts: 19
    Follow up after taking my Pilot in for servicing:

    Apparently on a 2010 Pilot, if the ground wire from the rear window to the multiplex is not properly connected, the car gains remote start capabilities without having to install any equipment.

    The service department did say it's probably not good to have a loose wire (not that I experienced any side effects besides for remote start), so they "fixed" it.

    I'd love to hear if anyone would experiment cause in retrospect it was pretty cool. It was more functional than the offical Honda remote start and did not require any equipment or extra fob.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Thanks for the info.

    I am disappointed that:
    1) Honda does not offer a remote start as "standard" feature
    2) if you pay extra to install, it does not perform to expectations

    Which after-market brand would you recommend? Do you plan to install the after-market part? Thanks again.
  • nasgroupnasgroup Posts: 14
    Hello All,

    When we picked up our 2010 EX-L, we were provided a list of items that the dealer would set to our desired options, like automatic door-lock , when placed in drive, , when starting to move, never, etc.

    It is my wife's vehicle so she chose her options. The other day she noted the "daytime running lights" and asked if they can be turned off. The owners manual simply details that they work when the lights are not turned on, etc. She was certain that that was one of the options during the delivery process.

    So ... Can the dealer set options be changed and specifically the turning off of the day time running lights

  • I still have to do more research myself. I'm going to hold off doing it for a while. I don't need it for the winter, so I may wait until the following spring.

    The service dept guy told me about one that you can start the car with your cell phone. He said it was an Alltel thing. I'm guessing that means Verizon too now. Sounded really cool.
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