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Classic Mustang - Is it a keeper?

kinkomankinkoman Member Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Ford

My Aunt is giving me this car, I have been wanting this kind of car for years. So when I found out she had one that broke down awhile ago I asked her for it. She lives far away from me, I would pay for towing and any repairs.

It was not driven too long. However I'm not too car savvy. I have many friend who are will to help repair it, if I supply the parts of course.

The catch is the car was and has been sitting since it broke down, most likely 20 or so years.

I would like to know what is the worst possible case that is wrong with the car after it sits that long?

Also it is free, but after all the repairs and time put into it would it be cheaper to buy one, fully repaired or even in better condition then this one?

Please help,


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    akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    If there is no body damage or rust that needs to be repaired it's probably a keeper. You have the advantage of $0 acquisition cost and any old car like that will need repairs. If there is a lot of rust then you may want to reconsider as that can get expensive and time consuming.

    Figure on replacing all hoses and belts, possibly brake and fuel lines. You may have to remove the gas tank and clean it out. Replace the battery and all fluids. As long as the engine wasn't damaged it can probably be revived. Do you know why it broke down?
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    kinkomankinkoman Member Posts: 2
    Yes it broke down cause the trans failed. Also I just found out that the fluids were not drained before she let it sit. Other then that my mom thinks there is no rust but she not sure I'll ask my Aunt when she gets back from her trip. I'll call her then.
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    browneyes2blubrowneyes2blu Member Posts: 16
    i would be than glad to take it of yr hands,lol.i just picked up a 73 fastbackmach1.its a basket case,but its all there,the motor is shot,needs some bodie work,and a few other things.go get dude.if you dont want it,let me know,ok.
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    papasam1papasam1 Member Posts: 84
    you need to keep this car until someone you really trust tells you that its a basket case, then get a third opinion. These cars are becoming harder and harder to fine. I own a 1970 fastback mustang which by the way is one of six that I kept and now I wish i had kept all of them and someday you will be thinking the same thing (kicking your own [non-permissible content removed]) for not listening to your heart. If you truly love these classic mustangs give you and the car a chance to live.
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    papasam1papasam1 Member Posts: 84
    As generations grow older there tends to be a lost of some of the old teaching and ways of doing thing that we never recovered, I was born in the 50's and feel the need to teach many of the young Marines of today as much as I can about the classic cars of old. What they have is what they have read or got pass down from fathers. uncles or someone in the family that has a classic car. I have heard many stories about the car that some one in the family had and now these young men and women, yes women can have the same love for them that men have. There nothing like the look in the eyes of a men or women with there first classic car of there own. We as the old guys as they call us these days are responsible for bring they look or light into the eyes of as many youngers as we can so that what we feel about the cars are not lost over time or the ages. My way of doing this is that my stang can not go to my son and daughter but must go to my oldest grandson who is three years and I still must fine another for my second grandson that is one. If I can plant it in there heads at this age maybe they will not grow up thinking that a honda is the car to have. The classic Ford, Chevy or Plymouth/Dodge are the cars of there history not these import from countries where our men have fought and died in, these are not the cars of there history. Even as I speak our big three are in trouble but the optimum word here is OUR big three. Semper Fi (always faithful)
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