How much does the TSB repair for squeaky wheel cost?

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Does anyone know how much that should cost to get done? I have a 2003 V6, not under warranty.



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    It's a very simple, basic, DIY job, so the cost would be minimal. Get a "turkey baster", or other similar fluid suction device, as well as 2 quarts of P/S fluid. Release the retaining clips that hold the fluid strainer in place, in the top of the P/S fluid reservoir, and remove the strainer (if equipped).

    Draw out as much fluid as possible. Refill with fresh fluid. Drive the car up and down your street, making sure to make several "lock to lock " turns of the steering wheel. Take the car back home, suck out the fluid, and repeat this procedure two or three times. Replace the strainer after the last flush and you're done.
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    What about the friction additive the TSB mentions? Or is that just part of P/S fluid now?
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    That can be purchased over the parts counter at a Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealer. If I remember correctly, it's around $3-4 for the bottle. I tried it in my car's P/S fluid, but it didn't do anything for me. The car always had a slight "whine", although it was more pronounced in cold weather.
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