Front a/c heat blower motor stuck on high

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We just started experiencing a problem with our 2003 Chrysler T&C where the blower motor for the ac/heat is stuck on high. Any suggestions as to the cause? Luckily, when we bought this van 2 months ago we bought the extended warranty so I would imagine that this would be covered. We have owned Hondas just about all of our lives and were leary about buying American but we really like the set up of the van.

Please help!



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    Just wondered whether or not you got a response to your problem. I have the same problem with a 2001 Chrysler T&C and was hoping you got results.

  • bleach43bleach43 Member Posts: 2
    In doing some research on my own problem, which is the same as yours, I came across an answer for both of us. From March 2006 there was an answer that said that the control module was bad. He said that this used to be called a resistor pack. It's located behind the glove box. He said you open the glove box compartment and make it swing all the way down by squeezing in on the sides. You'll see the module attached to plenum with two plugs connected. Unscrew the two screws to get the module out. New part number from dealer is 5179985AA. The original part number has been discontinued. He said(in 2006)that the dealer cost for the module was $56.00 and you can replace it yourself in about 10 minutes.

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    Yes that is exactly what fixed my problem. Luckily, we bought an extended warranty so it was covered. It WAS the part that was in the glove box. So far the van is doing well with 48,000 miles on a 2003 T&C.
  • dusty1959dusty1959 Member Posts: 11
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Bob! How nice of you to write me! I actually went to a site where I paid to get the answer. These boards seem a little slow sometimes....
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    The blower motor on my 2004 T&C quit one 14 degree day. That's about as cold as it ever gets here (NC). The dealer told me it could be as much as $800 to fix.
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    Thanks for the information on the part located behind the glove compartment. Took it out easily and will go to dealer to buy it and install. Hopefully this will resolve my problem.

    Thanks again.
  • dusty1959dusty1959 Member Posts: 11
    The part fixed the problem months ago and it's been fine ever since! I hope this thread can help others!

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    Post #3 was the solution for my 2003 T&C. Picked up the part at Advanced Auto for $63, and installed it in less than 10 mins. Will post video, if I'm not too lazy.

    Thanks, for the post. Gotta love the internet.

    Tom de
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    We have a 2002 Town and Country. When you say the blower is stuck on high does that mean any setting with the turn switch gives the high blower motor setting? Both our front and rear blower motors only come on when turned completely to the high setting. I was figuring it was the actual switches on the control console and was figuring on heading to a junk yard for replacements. Is my problem the control module as well?


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    I have the Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) which has digital switches. "Blower on High" is a common failure which I experienced. Search the internet and you will find excellent instructions on how to fix with photos, though the instructions above are good. IMPORTANT - Change your Cabin Air Filter (most people don't know they have one, like me). Otherwise, the new module will probably overheat and fail as well. A new filter at auto parts ~$22. It drops out a thin plastic door under the dash on the passenger side (near middle) and bend the filter as it slides.

    I found the new blower control on ebay for ~$42. The new ones have round pins instead of the long wedge heat sink. I doubt the new design is as important as changing the filter. Since an engineer who can handle a soldering iron, I decided to also repair my old one.

    Invariably, the MOSFET transistor fails (low resistance between all 3 pins). PN is HUF75343P3, but 7545 also works (less resistance). I bought 3 at Digikey ($3 ea + $10 shipping). Any N-channel MOSFET with Id = 75 A, Rds = 0.009 ohm, and Vds = 55 V in a TO-220AB package should work.
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    I am wondering if any of you also had this issue while your AC was stuck on High? Not only is mine on high but when turned off, it is still blowing at the floor! Any ideas???
  • swisschocolateswisschocolate Member Posts: 3
    I had something similar on my 2002 the control module was bad. I got a new one from Rock auto.
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