2001 Montana HELP!

shawnnydshawnnyd Member Posts: 2
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Flashing oil light at stop lights? temp is running hot all of a sudden. Low oil pressure? Started all of a sudden today other than that it runs great. Anyone have any ideas before I take it in. When its cold the light does not come on.


  • kenniekennie Member Posts: 38
    I would seriously consider taking it in... if its running hot could
    be you have a circulation problem - could be very expensive if
    you keep driving it. Might be at least worth a quote at the dealership.
    Sorry to hear.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    Oul light flickering at stop lights/signs is quite often the sending unit (not to expensive to fix). The overheating could be a number of things, low coolant, T-stat, or pehaps low coolant due to lower intake manifold gaskets.
  • shawnnydshawnnyd Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, is there a way to check the sending unit? coolant level is good, thermostat appears to be working ( as soon as the can is driving it cools right down.) Thinking it may be the fans, they work when i hook them up directly but not when temp was up.
  • kenniekennie Member Posts: 38
    This is one area I just don't know about - is there an oil pump in vehicles? If it has been gradually getting hotter and hotter over a year or two could it be plugged manifolds? Curious how you got the fans to run... when I travel through the mountains I'd like to turn the fans on manually... Thanks.
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