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Should I sell or part out my Isuzu Trooper?

nqlblqnqlblq Member Posts: 4
Hey guys,

I have been told if I decide to sell my 89 RS hat I should part it out and not sell the entire car. Apparently the gears are worth $X and the axles are worth $Y -- but if I sell the car it isnt worth half as much?

Anyone have any pointers?



  • durtroaddurtroad Member Posts: 1
    Did you decide to part out your 89? If so, have you sold it all yet? Does it have a 4ZE1 engine? If you, or anyone you know, has 4ZE1 they would sell parts from, I'm interested.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Our Forums aren't set up for buying and selling. The original poster was asking for tips and not making an offer.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 204984k204984k Member Posts: 1
    I apologize tidester I misunderstood the post from the guy who wanted to know if anyone out there had a 4ZE1 they want sell,I DO and it comes with a complete truck,I DO appreciate your very informative forum, thank you, it wont happen again.
  • suncloud00suncloud00 Member Posts: 4
    Is there anyone on this forum that has needs for parts, or could point me in a direction that I might be able to post parts for sale?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Our Forums are not set up for buying and selling. You may want to try craigslist.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • mtdelphiamtdelphia Member Posts: 12
    This response is probably waaaaaaayyyy late, but the suggestion about Craigslist is a good one and I have been surprised by what I was able to find on eBay.
  • reyboreybo Member Posts: 1
    What would you do if your shade tree mechanic days were over, you had a limited budget, and you want your car healthy again?

    My '89 Isuzu Trooper (4 cyl) has delivered 167,000 useful miles, 95% of it in the city. Three weeks ago the heater stopped heating, the radiator (original) gave up, so I had a cooling system overhaul done including a new radiator. $700 invested.

    A few days later, with the heater warm some days/cold on others, the engine began to run rough when started in the morning. "Trying to clear its throat" rough. After 20 seconds or so, the day's roughness ended.

    Car ran fine for the first few trips around town. Then Tuesday the heat gauge began to climb so I took it home. I let it sit for a few hours until everything was ambient temperature, 55 degrees, then checked it out.

    The radiator water level was low, somewhere below the tubes; the pressure reservoir tank was full. Ergo, the system had no vacuum to suck the overflow back.

    I brought the car back and asked the shop to check the cooling system, and if nothing obvious was wrong, run a cylinder leak down test.

    The engine is Isuzu's RLJ 4 cylinder 4ZE1 2.6L.

    No leaks found in the cooling system pressure test.
    Cyl % leak down test came out 18 - 18 - 80 - 23. Two pass, two fail.
    "Testing showed head gasket problem. Note also during testing could hear air coming from radiator."
    Conclusion: "needs head work."

    What the car does NOT have: coolant in the oil sump; white or any other color exhaust smoke.

    Aside: You can check for coolant in the sump by putting Gasoila APO2 all purpose water finding paste (Amazon has it) on the end of an old speedo cable and feeding it through the dip stick tube. Mine came out the same brown it went in. Coolant would have turned it green.

    I'm assuming the plug in cyl #3 is getting coated with coolant when the ignition is shut off. That would account for the roughness the next day till it boils off.

    It's an expensive deal today to have a head replaced. I can find good replacement parts for a fair price, but is it worth the labor cost? Craigs list and other sources of classifieds are full of vintage 90s Isuzu Troopers to replace mine for a few thou. Is that the way to go?

    How about the dangerous gunk that supposed to seal leaking head gaskets. Worth a try?

    Our next AACA dinner meeting is the 27th so I won't do much until then.

    One reason this car is like a family member is the hood. It has a gorgeous, rechromed 1942 Nash hood ornament. And below that, in chunky chrome letters, it says PACKARD. Wouldn't you want to save it?
  • don215don215 Member Posts: 1
    Well I have had all the engine Oil use problems most folks have with this vehicle. 1 quart per 800 miles since I bought it in 2002 . Dealer/ manufacturer fought me all the way on engine replacement so I finally gave up and lived with, putting oil in with every other fill up. The car did make it to 165,000 miles before it lost compression in one cylinder. My question for anyone out there is should I replace the engine with a crate engine? My mechanic assures me the Cynlinder ring issue is resolve and he can get a crate engine and install for $4,000.00 with a 3 year 100,000.00 mile warranty. Seems steep but I don't have the skills or time to do it. The care is a luxury model and my wife like it. It is in good shape. The gas mileage is an issue as the engine we had in the care consistently only got about 14 miles a gallon combined with a small fuel tank and pricey gas was a continued insult.
  • katherkather Member Posts: 6
    Don't know if it's too late, but I have a 2000 Trooper with 126k having transmission nightmares for the second time and have done a lot of reading in these forums. I would reccommend making sure your tranny and other expensive repairs are in great condition before putting a new engine in it.
    I have the "luxury" model too, and through the problems they are still hard to let go of.

    Good Luck!
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