02 T&C - How can I tell if I have AWD?

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We have bought this 2003 T&C just 2 months ago. I've been reading the owner's manual today to get "educated" on the vehicle and when to do certain maintenance items.

I'd think that we have AWD. And I need to be sure because our vehicle is at 46,000 miles and we may need to change the fluid for the power transfer unit, overrunning clutch & rear carrier.

Can someone please help me?



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    Well, absent the identifying "All-Wheel Drive" printed across the liftgate section just above the license plate holder, if you duck under the van and look for a rear differential or a driveshaft running down the middle of the van and see one, you have AWD. If not, or if you have "stow & go" seating, you do not have AWD. 2004 was the last year of AWD on Chrysler vans.
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    Thanks for the hint!
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