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Rondo 2009 changes

ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
edited April 2014 in Kia
I noticed no 4 cylinder EX available in the USA when I use the Kia USA build your Rondo. Extremely bad move IMO. Price for 3rd row seats increase from $500 to $650 .

Anything else of note?


  • stewpidasostewpidaso Posts: 45
    I bought a 2008 lx v6 and test drove a lx 4cyl. 09'
    -09 v6 has 10 more HP @192hp vs. 08' v6 @ 182hp
    -satelite radio & usb on 09' + I believe 6 spkrs vs. 08's 4 spkrs.
    -08 lx comes w/ alloys & 09' comes with hubcaps
    -08 comes w/ crossbars & 09' doesn't
    -09 lx has tinted rear glass 09' doesn't
    possibly more that I didn't notice:) or please correct me if i'm wrong
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    09 has a much more expensive premium package ($2400 vs $1200) including moon roof, GPS, and upgraded audio.
    $3250 less incentives.
    I just want moon roof, so I went for the 08 while it was still available.
    08 Rondo does not come with cross bars. It is a $200 option even for my EX V6 Premium.
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    The ashtray in the 2nd row is removed in 09 and the storage by the 3rd row has no lids in 09. The audio systems are completely different from 08.
  • Left foot rest for driver is removed in 09.
  • larrytbmlarrytbm Posts: 10
    Yea, that is one of the great small features of the Rondo.
  • I want to point out the misleading information from the first post in this thread. Not only that 09 Rondo EX has 4-cylinder option, the 3rd row seat is now standard in EX (no additional cost) too. Perhaps ramblinmo checked kia's site too early before they have the full line released. The 3rd row seat option in LX trim does increase to $650 from $500 though.
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    You are correct. At the time the thread was started, I could not select a 4 cylinder EX at Kia USA build your vehicle site.

    Another change is that leather seems to be standard on the EX. Now, I want the option of ditching the 17" wheels!
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