Please help Vibration driving me crazy

pokiiespokiies Member Posts: 2
2004 Pontiac Montana fwd 126000 mileage

About two months ago I developed a vibration in the front end of the van. We replaced the bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends, drive axles, brakes, four tires with a front end alignment. It is still there. It starts at approximately 35 to 40 mph only to go away as soon as I take my foot off the gas pedal or hit 50 mph. We have asked several mechanics and not one has a clue.

Hoping some one can shed some light on this, maybe someone else has encountered this or just simply might know what is going on.

Thank you in advance....


  • kenniekennie Member Posts: 38
  • pokiiespokiies Member Posts: 2
    We checked them when we did the brakes, they are fine.
  • kenniekennie Member Posts: 38
    The only thing I can think of is to take your car to a drome (not sure what the damn thing is called, it's used for testing speedometers) - maybe they can bring the van up to speed under load and look for the cause... not sure if that would be worth a try or if it is even possible. Sorry.
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    i would check all your motor mounts and your transmission mounts its deffinately in the driveline such as axles. but when your mounts are worn out they will throw the angle off on your axles and such. i have seen the before check all the mounts and let me know what u find.Good luck
  • kenniekennie Member Posts: 38
    I have the exact same problem... were you able to fix the problem or did you just eventually sell the vehicle. It is driving my wife and me crazy... any advise of updates appreciated !!!!!
  • geminixgeminix Member Posts: 1
    did you hit something to bend the halfshafts?
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