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Honda Insight Engine Questions

Was just wondering, if anyone has ever had an issue with the Engine Idle feature on the Civic Hybrid or Insight, and the engine did not re-start at a stop light, and if so, what happens then ?

Does the battery take over so one can pull over to the curb or are those with this system stuck in traffic ?

Thank you for those that are in the know.....


  • carybriefcarybrief Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 honda insight, 60k miles. when going slow in 2, 3 or 4th gear the car bucks until we downshift or accelerate more. thing is we are not driving too slow for the gear, not at all. any suggestions?

    Also looking for a los angeles CA Honda repair suggestion!

    thanks, Cary
  • rbojackrbojack Posts: 3
    I just had a new "recall" on my 2000 Insight. No problems but they replaced one of the IMA Motor Modules to change the hand-off between the gas engine and electric motor. It appears to have improved the MPG somewhat. Its a "no-cost" recall for 2000-2005 Insights. They also extended the battery warranty to 150,000 miles. Go do it at a dealer shop.
  • rbojackrbojack Posts: 3
    I had the same problem a couple of months ago at about 85,000 miles. It "self-corrected" prior to my taking it into a dealer. I recommend a dealer check with their computer system, but not spending money on an immediate repair. It could be a "bad tank of gas".
  • subsightsubsight Posts: 1
    Did you have the same bucking problem? My friends 2000 is also doing this. But only at a steady speed. I checked plugs and they all are buring clean and no check engine light. I only know the comcept of these cars and not the specifics so if anyone else has any more input i'd love it.
  • plamboplambo Posts: 5
    yes, my 2002 also bucks. At 62 to about 68 mph. I checked with my dealer and was told there are no outstanding recalls on my car. I'm living with it for now. Unless someone has a better idea.
  • yeah the bucking should be build up on the trottle body. We have one for our office and the throttle body needs frequent cleaning. I am trying to find info on how to do this most effectively.
  • My 2000 Insight was bucking at low speeds-35-55 mph. I went to dealership, and they did the following work, and the problem did not correct itself.

    1. Tune-up. New plugs
    2. Top engine cleaing.. remove carbon
    3. Replaced LAF, 02 sensor.
    4. Went back to dealership, told them that problem still exists, they did a complete analysis, and told me that they could find nothing improper.

    Any further suggestions on what, or how to solve the problem, would greatly be appreciated.

  • mistermgdmistermgd Posts: 1
    Your cars are bucking because of condensation in the gas tank, especially when ethanol is added to mix. I know, it happens to my car every warm season when the ethanol is added. Add PURE acetone. It works - two years running and working like a charm for me. Go to this site to find out more about it:

    Acetone is very dangerous to handle and hard to pour. Use a stainless steel turkey baister (Crate & Barrell), dip it straight into the acetone can, then draw it out full and empty it into your tank. Very clean and few or no spills. One dose is about the same as the 3 oz. recommended at the website. Good luck.
  • I just took my Insight in for a brake job and oil change. I have 137K miles on my Insight. The shop said that I need to replace the oil pan - $500! Said since it is aluminum they wear out - the threads for the plug. Has anyone else had this issue? Wondering if the tech simply stripped the threads and they are responsible for destroying the oil pan.
  • jammicejammice Posts: 1
    My 2001 Insight has 141k miles, and I just got an oil change and was alerted that next time I would need to replace the oil pan, as the threads were wearing out. I had no idea this might cost $500. I guess it's possible that they wear out...
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Aluminum is very soft. I would see if someone would do the oil change by extracting the oil via the dip stick tube. Get a second opinion from a different dealer. That is a very limited edition. Maybe they make a steel pan for it.
  • rotterotte Posts: 3
    Try cleaning the EGR valve; worked like a charm for me. Takes some WD-40 and elbow grease, and about $1.50 for a new seal. Google for exact directions (they come with pictures, too:))
  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    I second that. The bucking is ALWAYS the EGR valve, but I disagree with the solution. The motor has worn a groove that cleaning will not fix. Cleaning it will cure it for a few months only. Get one from a junkyard for $25 and fix the problem properly.
  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    FYI, the pan is Magnesium and is extremely expensive to replace. If the threads are stripped, have a helicoil inserted to fix it.
  • rotterotte Posts: 3
    I had my EGR valve cleaned, new seal put on it (easy directions, with pics, from Google search) about 2 years ago, haven't had bucking since. I'd say, try cleaning it first, then if that doesn't work replace it.
  • I replaced the EGR valve after researching the internet for solutions and talking to my local dealership. The car has stopped bucking and runs smoothly again. In addition the "check engine light" does not come one when the car is bucking. My mpg has improved significantly.
  • I have a 2010 Insight. The auto-stop is a joke. Half the time it does not even shut off the engine at a stop light. However, when it does shut off the engine at a stop sign, it only does it for about 30 seconds. Then the engine restarts. Is this normal? Do I have to bring it into the dealership to have something reset? Any comments out there???
  • It stops for 30 seconds or not at all only if you have the AC on.

    If the AC is off, the auto stop remains until you release the brake.

    Yes, this is normal.

  • Thank you. That is the first time someone explained it properly. However, it seems that if the heater is on, the car still does not shut off. It does say AC off on the display. With no accessories on, the motor does shut off for good. Thanks again.
  • rushdrushd Posts: 2
    I have 2000 Insight, and have taken it to the same Dealer for the past 3 years that I have had the car. Last time I had the oil changed they told me that next time I'd have to replace the oil pan since the threads weren't holding. I asked to see the service manager and explained that this was the only place that had changed the oil in 3 years, that the specs to tighten the nut were made so that the threads would not be stripped, that if the techs were following the specs then everything should be fine and as an added safety measure Honda specifies a crush washer. He went out and talked with the tech who had done the work, came back in and said that the next time I changed my oil, they would change out the oil pan at their expense....
  • It also won't cut off if the defrost is on. The heat stays running, which is good in this WI winter at -4 degrees, but as long as it is saving fuel...great!!
  • I have actually experienced the auto stop not working even when i am stopped and the A/C is off, though only occasionally. Anyone else experience this?
  • Sometimes the battery is not fully charged or the car is not fully warmed up, it will not work. I have had numerous times that the motor has stayed on. Mostly, when the car is fully warmed up and I have been driving a while so the battery is charged, it works fine.
  • I picked up a Honda 2010 Insight the end of December and am still getting use to it.
    The owners manuals lists a number of reasons the auto-stop does not engage. Some of them are listed above. I found the engine restarts 18 seconds after stopping. After a lot of testing, I found if the ventilation system is on, the car restarted in 18 seconds. Like clock work. But, if you press the off button and shut off the ventilation system (the screen goes blank) the engine stays off until you let up on the brake.
  • rushdrushd Posts: 2
    Well they replaced it! I called to make an apointment for an oil change, reminded them that the service manager would replace the pan for free and they said no problem, bring it in 2 days from now. I did, they changed it out, I thanked them and the service manager said aren't you the one that had a bad bat pack? I told him how it was refurbished and he said good for you.
  • Well, I agree that If the AC is off, the auto stop remains until you release the brake.
  • and I have found no one that can fix it even the Honda dealership
  • Just to let you know, we've been talking a lot about the AUTO STOP function in the "Insight Real World MPG" discussion board. You may want to check it out for additional information.
  • The mechanics are in a hurry and typically tighten the steel bolt into the aluminum threaded pan with to much torque srreatching the threads. A Heliocoil is your best bet. Always replace with a new aluminum washer or it will leak, trust me on this. As for now, use Teflon pipe tape around the bolt at least two turns to fill up the gap and protect from leaks, it also prevents wear on the treads. To bad you didn't use Teflon tape from the beginning!
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