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Acura MDX Burning Oil

mdxdriver2mdxdriver2 Posts: 5
edited June 2017 in Acura
Has anyone else had this issue? Acura says it's normal for a new MDX to burn up to 1QT every 1,000 miles. My brand new 2008 MDX has 13K miles on it and 3 times I've taken it in when the oil either doesn't register on the stick or it reads at the lower hash mark. All 3 times, the dealer fills it up, confirms oil reading and about 1,900 miles later, the oil level is on the lower hash mark or not even registering on the stick. The dealer has done compression tests, bore scoping and oil residue search in exhaust and catalitic converter with no luck finding evidence of burning oil. No oil in my driveway or garage either ;-) Acura says this is normal and won't do anything about it. Advice anyone?


  • mbros2kmbros2k Posts: 71
    I have a 2006 TSX that doesn't burn a drop of oil between oil changes. I've never had a new car that burned any at all, and either has anyone I know. How can a dealer say with a straight face that a quart in 1000 miles is normal? Since the car is so new, it might improve in a few thousand miles, if not, they owe you a new car. You see those old cars driving down the road spewing plumes of smoke? They're not even burning that much oil. Acura has too good a reputation to let dealers spread such b.s.
  • Thanks for the feedback, mbros2k. Non of my previous Acuras had any issues like this either (88 Integra, 99 TL and 2004 TL). Unfortunately, it is Acura Client Services and not the dealer that is telling me that, per the user manual, it is acceptable to burn up to 1 quart of oil every 1,000. I cannot find this statement anywhere in the user manual but I'm going to ask Acura Client Services to show me where.
  • jt8jt8 Posts: 10
    This is interesting, I have about 15,000 miles on my odometer & about 30% left on the oil life monitor on the maintenance minder. I have seen a message regarding a low oil level presented on the nav system , it appeared twice, I checked the stick & it seems still ok. I am bringing the vehicle to the dealer for them to look at it & see why this is happening.

    btw, I have a 2007 model.

    I maybe encountering a similar issue as what you are seeing.

    I would be interested to hear if anybody else is encountering this on this same vehicle.
  • mdxdriver2mdxdriver2 Posts: 5
    Acura did replace the "low oil warning monitor" at no add'l charge..probably since it didn't warn us that the dipstick was reading 'dry'. Doesn't sound like you have a similar issue, though. If the maintenance minder says you have 30% left before an oil change it doesn't relate to how much oil you have in the car...only how much 'time' you have left before you need a change. Our oil minder works fine but the problem we had is it said we had around 80% left to an oil change and yet no oil was reading on the dipstick (after about 1,900 miles).
  • jt8jt8 Posts: 10
    The issue I have was root caused to a faulty sensor, the sensor was replaced to correct the issue.
  • Hi all,

    I have a 2008 Acura MDX with similar oil consumption issues. Starting at about 4K miles, I got the warning indicator for oil level and oil pressure. I took it to the dealer and found a service advisory that showed certain VIN's having a defective oil pressure sensor, mine was not in the vin range, but Acura replaced the sensor regardless. Now, at about 9500 miles, I got the same warning indicators and took the vehicle back to the dealer. I was told the oil level was at about 3 quarts, so down almost 2 quarts over 5K miles. Now, I understand the party line is you could loose up to a quart per 1K miles, but literally in the course of an oil change, that would mean you would loose the entire amount of oil originally inserted at the last oil change 4.5 quarts.

    This seems a bit unusual to be that low on oil with basic city driving in such a short amount of miles. The dealer first tried to blame the use of Mobil 1 Synthetic oil, claiming that is not recommended for the car. Per the manual, as long as the synthetic oil is API certified, which it is, and 5/20 weight, it is perfectly acceptable.

    So, I am curious if anyone has any ideas as to why the engine is using so much oil? The dealer is doing the same pressure tests, etc.... as the original person above, but I am hoping somebody could help point me in the right direction, as I think they will come back and claim it is normal.
  • Greetings jt8,
    On Nov 28, the low oil indicator warning went on again and my wife had to pull over on with our two babies in the back seat. I drove out to help her and the stick was absolutely dry and this was confirmed by the service mgr and technician at the Acura dealer. At the same time, the car indicated I had 40% oil life left before an oil change. So, from the last oil change, the car burned 2.508 quarts (confirmed by dealer) which is burning a quart of oil every 1,400 miles. I wrote another letter to Acura Client Services demanding a resolution/fix or they buy the car back. They are now installing a new short block into my new 2008 Acura MDX (19,500 miles).
  • MDXdriver 2

    I could sure use your help. I have the exact same issue and consumption rate as you and my dealer is playing games. Can you send me information on your contact at Acura Client Services? My email is rustygrafman at hotmail dot com

    I am at a loss on how to proceed and can sure use your road map.
  • Hi Rusty,
    After about a year of oil consumption tests, bore scoping, and compression checks , Acura did finally replace the short block about two weeks ago. They think a cylinder may not have been perfectly round and was slowly burning oil. My second letter to Acura asked for either a new engine or a trade in for a like make/model/mileage. Acura did confirm I was a long standing customer by looking up my previous Acura models I had purchased. Good luck!
  • One last question,

    What state and dealership did you work with?
  • Quick update- After nearly 16000 of the same issues of loosing 1/2 Qrt every 1000k miles, after 4 consumption tests spaced 1000k miles apart showing little drop the first 1K, then 1/2 qrt each additional, plus boring, they put a camera down the spark plug cylinders and founds oil all over #5. As such, they are replacing the short block and re finishing the upper parts.

    This was quite time consuming and frustrating, as Acura dealers party line is the book says up to 1qt every 1K miles is within factory standards.

    I can tell anyone who is having this same issue, bypass all the BS and have them use a camera and go into the engine to look around, it will save you a ton of time and aggravation.

    Kudos for Acura for finally finding the issue, but, shame of them for using the 1qt per 1K BS and taking 16K miles and two years to diagnose the problem.

    Lets hope the oil being burned off did not hurt the exhaust system all these miles, since that is where it all goes out of the car from.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hi i know this is acura forum. i have 2010 honda pilot with 5600 miles. should i worry about it? i checked the oil level.. it is just about low level... oil life is 50 % left.. I know brand new engine consume 1.1 quart for 600-800 miles...
  • Going through a similar engine / oil consumption / engine block issue on my 2008 Acura MDX (about 63k miles).

    Since Sept. 2010 started having the "check oil level" light pop far in advance of any oil change. Oil was actually low (dipstick dry on a few occasions) so def not a sensor issue. Dealership kept topping off the oil level, started their "consumption test", but just last week I was about 60 minutes into a 2 hour drive and the Acura threw up a bunch of misfire codes, an emission code, SH-AWD code, etc.. Experienced rough idling, loss of power, etc. Uh oh.

    Luckily I was within a few miles of an Acura dealership so was able to limp it over. Turns out one of my cylinders had zero compression, so they tore it apart, had a few factory guys look at the block / piston / etc. and decided to replace the short block and a laundry list of related parts. Will post up here when I get the MDX back.

    At any rate, I had the extended warranty (6yr / 120,000 miles) so it's all covered. May have been a manufacturing defect or some such, will ask the head service manager when I stop in.
  • This is not normal, I have owned several Honda/Acura vehicles, including an S2000, Si and Integra, none of these or any other Honda product i have owned has burned a drop of oil.
  • hd45hd45 Posts: 1
    I own a 2010 TL SH- AWD and a 2011 MDX. Currenty, I'm experiencing about 1/2 quart of oil every 1K miles on my TL (56K miles). My 2011 MDX is about 20K miles, but as far as I know, the vehicle is not experiencing this issues yet. I'm wondering what they found and how they fixed your vehicle?

  • Just got my 2010 tl sh- awd back from 30,000 service and shop advised oil was very low. Honda pilot doesn't burn any oil.....
  • My 2012 MDX is burning oil and dealership is in denial. I have to add 3 quarters between oil changes. Anyone else having trouble with the 2012 MDX?
  • My 2012 MDX is burning oil and dealership is in denial. I have to add 3 quarters between oil changes. Anyone else having trouble with the 2012 MDX?

    Katharinemw, I know this is an old thread, but I have a 2012 MDX doing the same thing now. The problem seemed to come on suddenly for me. Two weeks ago, I added 2 quarts and now the dealership is telling me there is no oil in it at all. They are suggesting a $5000 rebuild to take care of the problem.

    Did you (or anyone else) ever find a resolution? Thanks in advance!
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