2004 Sienna Exhaust Noise

djflurrydjflurry Member Posts: 2
my sienna has a noise originating from the exhaust that sounds like a belt squeaking. the dealer has replaced the gasket 3 times. each time, the squeak goes away for several weeks to months, but then comes back. has anyone else had this problem and what is the final fix?


  • samilcarsamilcar Member Posts: 4
    Is this noise RPM related? Does it go away, or get quieter/louder if the gas pedal is pressed?
  • djflurrydjflurry Member Posts: 2
    the noise is heard when the vehicle is idleing and it can be very loud. it sounds like a belt squealing. the dealer has identified it as being associated with a gasket in the exhaust where the manifold connects to the rest of the piping. the gasket has been replaced multiple times but the noise returns within a few weeks or months. i was wondering if anyone had an alternate fix since replacing gaskets isnt working.

  • paulthepilotopaulthepiloto Member Posts: 2

    I replaced mine on my own. The dealership kept re adjusting the belts at my expense. As you said, it solved the problem for a few months but it's back again. I would love to hear if you solved this.

  • paulthepilotopaulthepiloto Member Posts: 2

    I just did mine a second time, and the noise returned two weeks later. Toyota had a service bulletin about this problem, but the revised gasket they offer doesn't actually fix the problem. Any updates would be appreciated.

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