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Ford Escape Loses Power

johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
edited December 2016 in Ford
Hope I can get some assistance with this issue. I bought an '09 Escape in September. Since new as it is warming up there is movement in the accelerator pedal. Additionally, it frequently loses power if I go to accelerate from a literally will do nothing.
I brought it in to the dealer. They confirmed another customer with the same complaint. They don't have a solution for it. Service claims Engineering is working on the problem. It will be interesting to see what Ford has to say if this results in an accident.
Any suggestions on what it might be?
Thanks for your help!


  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    What engine is your Escape? V6, 4 or hybrid? This is important info. required to assist you.
  • johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
    The engine is the V6. I was back at the dealership today...still no update from Engineering.
  • johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
  • I have the same issue - did this get resolved to your satisfaction?
  • No, it's been a year and it has not been fixed. I don't believe they have a fix for it. Another customer is having the same problem. It is at the dealership now and a technician from Ford head office is suppose to be visiting the dealership to look over the vehicle. It is a dangerous scenario that they are gambling with since they know there is a problem. If something should happen in the way of an accident they can very well be liable for this.
  • pats1pats1 Posts: 36
    I have the same problem. Any fix yet??
  • No fix for it. In fact it is at the Oakville plant as we speak. They're claiming they cannot reproduce the problem. In fact they are saying a 4 second delay is normal on this vehicle...

    So basically I'm making this up and they can't fix it. But they won't take it back either AND they won't give me anything in writing assuming any liability.

    Even the dealership acknowledge this problem and was willing to take the vehicle back and get me something new. I had put $6,000 down on the lease. Dealer was going to reimburse me $2,000 and put in a request to Ford for the other $4,000 to put down on another Ford vehicle.

    It seems the sunny days of sales is ok, but they won't take responsibility for the product after they take your money.

    They keep reiterating that they cannot duplicate the problem. I am in the car all day as a Realtor. I tried to explain to them it is intermittent. So they're telling me if they cannot duplicate it then it doesn't exist!

    All it's going to take is one accident and "it" will hit the fan. I've already had one near miss.

    I will be filing in small claims court within a week.

    Feel free to contact me direct at my email address.


  • Despite an update to the vehicle computer a few weeks ago, I'm still seeing no major improvement. So they're saying that it's reasonable to expect a 4-second delay in the ability of the transmission to respond? I can think of a number of different scenarios under which I'd be dead or seriously injured if I needed to wait 4 seconds for my transmission to respond.
  • Thanks for the response. Where are you located? I am about to either sue them or send a note directly to their legal department.

    I think the problem is that the wrong department is analyzing this situation. Any reasonable company would realize that it would be so much easier to get someone out of the vehicle and make them content as well.

    They have spend so much time on this vehicle I bet it comes close to what the cost would have been to get me out of this car.

    Is there any chance you can give me more details? Although I'd say 4 seconds is a generous number. Like I said, I've already had one near-miss on the 401.

    Email address is johnpannozzo at the hot place dot com.

  • My suggestion would be to hit them with publicity rather than legal action. The former attracts more attention IMHO. Noting that you mentioned Hiway 401, you're probably familiar with the Toronto Star. There are several avenues with the newspaper that you could work this through. There is a definite safety aspect to this that should not be ignored.
  • I have had the same issue. The power loss along with rough shifting and surging in low gears. After more than a year I think they finally found the issue. The problem they believe is with the Cam Phaser. This part finally failed and has something to do with engine timing. The vehicle is currently in the shop and I'll know on Monday whether or not it really is fixed but wanted to share this info. I know there are many exasperated Escape owners out there.
  • johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
    I'm looking forward to hearing the outcome.

    My Escape is going in this week for a new cam sensor and a front axle and transmission case. The axle is loose and leaking oil.

    I'm close to trading it in and definitely will not buy a Ford again.

    I can be reached directly at [email protected]

  • pats1pats1 Posts: 36
    I went to the Ford dealer Quik Lube last Saturday (5/15) for and oil change, etc., and they told me there was a recall on my vehicle, to reflash the computer control module. I took it in on Tuesday and the service advisor told me the recall is to maintain higher fluid pressure for the transmission as it shifts into 3rd and 4th gears. I picked it up that night and so far it has been working much better. I'll repost if the problem comes back. This is not a safety recall so apparently Ford doesn't have to mail anything to owners. If you don't have it in at a Ford service dept., you won't find about this recall. Hope this helps anyone else who might be having an issue.
  • johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
    Glad to hear it is working better for you.

    I decided to get rid of mine and did so a while ago.

    I bought a BMW and is probably the best decision I made in a vehicle.

    Good luck with yours!
  • rbawabrbawab Posts: 2
    I had same problem, i have 09 escape V6, when i go on a stop and go, when i push the gas it seems like nothing happened. they Reprogrammed the transmission it was TSB but i dont remember the number of it.

    I also, have this ticking noise that comes off the RIGHT front side of the engine, that only happens after a long distance drive.

    When parked uphill, frontend down, i get oil leak that comes off from the left side of the engine, by the oil pan.

    RPM when about to stop they go down to about 600 then back up to 1000 then back down.

    I have a sunroof that went out of alignment, they had to fix it 2x.

    Bottom line, not happy w this car.
  • johnrunsjohnruns Posts: 10
    Sorry to hear about your issues.

    Like I said, I finally got rid of it and bought a BMW and really like it.

    Good luck my friend.
  • I have a '06 Mazda Tribute with 4cyl, Automatic Trans, 84,000 miles. Since April at 70,000 miles the dealer has been trying to find what causes this stuttering. After vehicle warms from standing stop as I accelerate at 500 RPM intervals starting at 2000 the engine stutters, shutters, and violently looses power. After shifting to second gear the stutter only happens occasionally. I also noticed a bump or jolt while at steady throttle between 35 & 60. On the highway beyond 60 it is fine, for a 4 banger...
    Fuel pump, fuel Filter, fuel pressure regulator, Charcoal Canister, Air Filter, PCM, Catalytic Converter, and a short at the ECM have been addressed. Yet the problem remains. I very concerned about the effect on the drive train as this stuttering continues. I have no more patience.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Anyone experiencing stalling or surging may want to contact the NHTSA.

    Safety Agency Says Complaints Could Affect 1.6 Million Ford SUVs (WSJ)
  • rbawabrbawab Posts: 2
    I sure hope they do something about it.

    I have noticed that my "SUV" surge forward when i drive while its still cold. And of course the dealer says there is nothing wrong with and the tech could not replicate the issue. I cant wait to be done with school so i can trade that junk "FOUND ON the ROAD DEAD" FORD. For something better.
  • my grand daughter has a 2005 escape v6 auto, hers looses power during turns only, another problem is when she puts it in park, it will roll, don't know if the two problems are related, but the neutral safety switch may be the problem for the park and roll problem. if the one fixes the other remains to be seen?
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