Nissan Murano Extended Warranties

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    My warranty runs out in June on my 2006.

    I can get a Nissan extended warranty for 1300 for the one that is basically bumper to bumper, I think almost exactly like the factory warrany. I think it is the security plus gold preferrred. For 1100 I can get just security plus, not gold. it has a big long list of what IS covered. So much is on that list that it is hard to see what isn't covered!

    I know it's only 200, but hwy spend it if I probably won't need it. Does anybody have experirence with buying or using these 2 warranties?

    This is the price from the finance guy if I buy it before my warranty runs out in June. My lease goes to October. He also offfered me a 3 month warranty if I want it until lease turn-in, but I am probably buying it out as I have only 21 000 miles right now (out of 39000 allowed) and by muyout is 16,900.

    Any chance he'll come down on the price?
    Is there somewhere else I should post this?
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    The most important thing to know before buying an extended warranty is what is NOT covered. Read the exclusion clause carefully. This is usually somewhat different then the original new car warranty.
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    Do not listen to that BUMPER to BUMPER Warr.there is no such thing Have them Put it in Writing every thing it Covers,a simple problem,as the Fuel door locks and does not open will cost you 350.00 for repair and is not covered,and if your door's lock and unlock intermitenly,that is not covered,at a cost of $400.00,and try and see if the TCM control Modual is covered witch will cost U another $800.00 They Are A bunch of Liers,and NISSAN does not want to know anything about your Problem,I Purchased my 2003 murano w/49000 and was told with my Security Plus for $1879.00 that is was Bumper to bumper,and had to pay for all the Above,so make them put it all in Writing and if they don't then tell them they are Flat out Lieying,Nissan Customer Care is A big bunch Of B.S.they do not give a DAM about you once you purchase the car there answer to you is TOO BAD.
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    That's why the extended warranties are not worth it. They are not usually extensions of the original warranty. Read the exclusion list carefully. All the stuff you thought was covered is excluded under general terms like trim, mechanisms, etc. If someone asks if the door locks and fuel door locks are covered -- they would have to say no. Lots of stuff is NOT covered. The big stuff is, but the dealers know those don't break down often enough to reap huge profits.
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    my murano came with a lifetime warranty. i have been trying to figure out how much this is worth. where is the price of these extended warranties? if i assume i own the car for 7 years, for example, i can get an equivalent value, but do i have to ask the dealer what it was worth? i assume theyll inflate the value to make it sound better.
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    Who on earth told you your Murano came with a lifetime warranty?
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  • whitallwhitall Member Posts: 190
    Well, I took the risk and purchased my Nissan gold preferred security plus plan through the internet, It's connected with Nissan of Santa Rosa, CA, and if you call the dealer direct you can talk to someone about the warranty. Or, just go through the website. Jesse is who I talked to and he was really nice. I also confirmed with Nissan that it is a real dealer authorized to sell the plans. I put it on VISA, with 10% down and free financing for 11 months. Sort of like EZ pay on QVC, they will charge my VISA a payment for 11 months. I liked it because I have VISA as a backup if it was no good, but I felt comfortable. Their price for this plan way beat my local dealer's.

    My dealer tried to play games with me and say volume of warranties doesn't affect them, it does. They were trying to sell me the used car warranty (the only one you can get once your original expires). I called another fairly local dealer and they told me my dealer didn't know what he was talking about. I do, he wanted to sell me the one THEY WANTED ME TO BUY, not the one I wanted. I had taken in my print out of the online price and he said that it was impossible. He asked if it covered AWD since they are in CA it might not. (turns out there are not two different plans for Murano, but there are for other models). He said that the month and mileage they quoted is only available to new buyers--he was wrong--this plan is only available until your warranty runs out, which is like having bought it when new. He may have called the other finance guy (who originally had priced this for me as gold preferred) and claims he said that I could NOT buy it. I wonder if he really called at all.

    I paid $1031 (end of month special) for gold preferred for 84 months and 70k miles (I only have 22k at 3 years).

    I received my agreement and ID from NISSAN today, so it all looks good. It has my VIN # effective dates, policy number and everything. It came in an envelope that was just like all my Nissan Corp junk mail. I called the number 1-615-725-1000 (Nissan Extended Services North America NESNA) and verified that it is in the system and in force. YEAH!
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    Question: This is my first Nissan that I bought. I included the extended warranty on the car. I bought the car a good distance from my home. We have kept up with maintenance on the car, however, we did not save the receipts for oil bought. I now have a problem with my Murano 2010, 28,000 miles, with white smoke when starting my car. I took it to the dealer and provided him with my service record of when we changed the oil. Because there was sludge in the oil, they want receipts for the oil purchased. We have only ever used what was stated in the manual. We were never told to save receipts for such things as oil, window washer fluid, air filters, etc. Now Nissan doesn't want to honor the warranty. The dealership won't even diagnosis what's wrong with the car. Where is it stated that receipts must be kept for 'normal' supplies for your car?
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