95 Safari fuel leak out exhaust? Is it the fuel regulator?

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95 Safari, has fuel in the exhaust. I was told it was from the fuel regulator leaking into the plenum, and that this was also causing it to idle rough. How do I get to the fuel regulator, and how much do the cost to replace?


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    I would agree that it could be the fuel pressure regulator. The regulator costs around $40.00. It's a bit of job though. You don't necessarily need the repair manual but I would recommend it. You might be able to find it at your local library. I would also recommend a new plenum gasket kit ($25.00 or so). You have to take off the upper half of the intake manifold (the plenum), you'll see the regulator staring you right in the face. Replacing the regulator is the easy part. Getting to it and replacing the plenum is the tough part. Good luck if you decide to tackle this one. I can send you some pics I took when I did mine if you think it might be helpful.
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    If you could send the pictures, that would be great. Also, not real sure how to remove the doghouse. I'll pick up a repair manual, if needed. Thanks for the advice! Hopefully this will cure it.
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    Would you still have the pictures of when you replaced your fuel pressure regulator? If so, can you send them to me?

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    Here's the link to photo bucket.


    Pages 2 and 3 have pics with helpful notes. I'm getting ready to replace the injectors so I'll be doing this job AGAIN some time this week. I'd be happy to try to answer any questions you might have. Good luck.

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