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Okay so here's the deal I was looking for a car on craiglist and i found a 2000 lincoln ls for $1700. So I looked at it and they person who posted it said there were no problems with it. But it has 192xxx miles. So guys as a 16 year old should I buy this car and would it last me at least 2 years? Also whats the most mileage a 2000 lincoln LS can handle?


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    This will not always tell you the complete history, but may give you the worst. The next thing I would do, after spending 3 days reading about all the problems LS owners have, I would go out and spend $20 bucks on a 2 pound hammer, carefully inscribe the notorious Lincoln-Mercury moniker on it and proceed to beat myself in the head until I came to my senses.. Son, unless you're a real glutton for punishment, go out and buy something you can work on. I've worked on english cars and old trucks all my life and never ever seen anything as problematic as this Lincoln LS model. I'm currently up to my ears with problems on my daughters 03!!!
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    "Mikesmith", I understand your issue...you're young, most likely still in high school, and obviously on a budget. Cars today have become far more complicated than they were when I was your age, therefore there are more things to break down, which could cost you a lot of money. However, when on a limited budget, you're forced into looking at older, potentially troublesome cars.

    I owned a 2000 LS for 9 years, purchasing it new, and very recently trading it off for something else. My car, however, only had 60,000 miles on it, and I took very good care of it. Would I recommend an LS, with 2000,000 miles on it to you? NO...in fact I wouldn't recommend ANYTHING with 200,000 miles on it, unless it was a Mercedes-Benz diesel powered car, and it came from a dry, road salt free state such as Arizona.

    As much as I enjoyed my LS, and even though it was pretty much trouble free for me, it's a complicated car, with a LOT of electronics, that COULD give you fits. They didn't make a lot of them, even though the car is essentially a "clone" to the Jaguar "S-Type", so parts aren't readily available, therefore not inexpensive.

    My advice to you, at this stage of your life, is get the most basic car you can find. Get a car without all the power "toys". They may be cool things to have, but they'll give you headaches if they break down. Also, try to find a car with a few miles as possible. Look in your local paper for estate sales. Old people don't necessarily drive "cool" cars, but they don't beat on them, and when an estate sale has one, they sometimes can be bought fairly cheap. So what if it's a Buick, as long as it starts EVERY time.....
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    Even ford does not claim this car .They run away from it like the wind.
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    I know where your coming from at your age you have a very limited budget. When I was your age I bought an old Volvo for $900 bucks. When I drove it home I noticed it didn't have an air filter and the story got worse. The engine ended up blowing on me a few weeks later and I didn't abuse it or anything. There are no guarantees with any used car.

    The LS is a nice car and 200k is a lot of miles to have on any car. It really depends on how well the car was taken car of. Does the owner have a lot of service records and receipts for the car. If they put a lot of money into repairs over the years that is a good indication that they took good care of the car. Despite others fears a car with a long repair history does not mean it is a problem car but that the car has been well maintained. A car with few repairs or one where the owner says, I've only had to change the oil on this car it is great means they were cheap and didn't do the necessary repairs on the car etc... If they say something like I changed the alternator last month and timing belt last year etc... it is an indication that the car has been maintained. Also who are you buying the car from? An older adult or someone that has modified the car and has driven it hard? Look out for all of these things. This is a good thing if they are available. If they only changed the oil that is a bad thing. I would plan on doing some repairs on it as soon as you get the car. Any car at that mileage is going to need some sort of work.

    My LS has only 40k and bought it last year with $15,000 at the time it had 28k miles on it. However, you can have a mechanic look over the car before you buy it. Don't expect miracles he will probably give you a list of things that need to be done to the car. However that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't buy it. However, if you think your going to drive this car hard etc.. forget it. You will have to put a lot of money into it to restore it in order to drive it that way. If you just want a nice looking ride and plan on driving it like an old lady i would say go for it. But please pay a mechanic the $60 to $100 to check it out first. If nothing else you could use the information you get from the mechanic to negotiate the price lower. Good luck. One good thing about the car is that it is really one of the safest cars ever built. You can verify this through online research.
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    I have a 2002 Lincoln LS with 210,00 miles on it. Runs good - starting to have to fix alot of stuff though.
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    Hey I have a 2000 LS with 210,300 miles on it and it still run good
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    Unless u can find some parts cars like it V6 or V8 in nearby scap yards don't buy it!
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    Do not buy this car! When I owned mine, my husband and I both had decent paying jobs and couldn't afford the repairs. Everything is dealership parts, there are no aftermarket parts for this car. When you have a repair that needs to be made (which you will have many of) you will pay a significant amount more than you would with other cars. Lugnuts alone for this car run $4 a piece.

    It's a cute car and is a blast to drive in the summer. If you live in a climate where it gets cold and you get snow or ice, this car sucks! I owned mine for 3 years and I swear every year it handled slick conditions worse. The last winter I had this car, I couldn't even get it up the slightest of incline on an icy road.

    If it's a V-8 you will also pay alot to gas it up.
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