Mazda CX-9 Touch screen problems

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I just took delivery of a new 2009 Mazda CX-9 last week, and already, I am experiencing a problem with the touch screen system.

When I am moving from screen to screen, the actual touch screen "buttons" go dark so that they will not activate. This has happened on the bluetooth screen and the navigation setup screen. The touch buttons will sometimes light up but then go dark again so they will not activate. Pressing the "return" button then going back to the problem screen sometimes works, and other times leaving the current screen page visible will do the trick.

Has anyone experienced this problem or know what the cause would be.I have looked here and everywhere else on the web, and have not seen anyone else with this problem

Thank you very much for your help.



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    That is not a problem, per se. It is by design.
    When your vehicle speed achieves 5mph or higher, the screen locks out some selections (such as entering addresses, settings, etc.). This is typical for all NAVI systems from Denso used on Mazda and Toyota/Lexus vehicles. Honda/Acura, for example, does not lock out the NAVI screen.
    There is a electronic kit to defeat this on Toyota/Lexus, but not Mazda (that I could find). DIY involved (if you play with electronics), so I am not sure you will be interested.

    Maybe your screen does have a problem, but please verify what I just said. Does the lockout happens right around 5mph? If so, "it is feature, not a bug".

    Denso does not want you to spend effort playing with the screen when vehicles are in motion. That is whole idea behind it.... :(
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    Thanks very much.

    It seems that it at around 5 mph, those screens do become unusable.

    However, one screen that may still have a problem is the "previous destinations" screen, which shows the "add" and "list" as blacked out, even though there are now 4 previous destinations in the system. The "delete" and "delete all" buttons are ok, however.

    It appears that I can only access previous destinations through the memory points screen through the address book.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks again.
  • not_2_shabbynot_2_shabby Member Posts: 29
    I have the same issue. I tried to use previous destinations and the buttons for add and list were greyed out.
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    This is another poor GUI design to me (being a software guy myself).
    The "Previous Destinations" is for you to EDIT them only.
    In order to access the previous destination you entered as your current destination, please do the following (it took me a while to figure this out. Shame on Mazda. You think everyone read the GPS manual?)

    - Press MENU button (left of screen)
    - Touch Enter Destination (not the Previous Destination - trust me)
    - On the left scroll bar, touch the (double >> shape box)
    - Bingo! You now see the Previous Destination

    I know, it is stupid because the 1st Previous Destination is very misleading, and the true Previous Destination you are looking for actually is hidden at the 2nd page inside Enter Destination.... double misleading....

    Hope this helps you. :)
  • not_2_shabbynot_2_shabby Member Posts: 29
    Awesome. Thanks. Somehow I didn't equate the >> to indicate previoius destinations.
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