Electrical problem: stalling immediatly after starting

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96 town & country LX 3.3 300k

when I turn the accessories on, I get my usual "service engine soon" light. other then that, I don't get any of my gauges, and the odometer and trip meter don't light up. The car starts fine (aside from the lack of activity from the guages) except it immediatly shuts off (like if I were to kill the ignition). I've had this happen twice before, and by disconnecting the battery for a while, it solved the problem. But it's happening more and more.

Any ideas on what could be the problem? Thanks,


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    Sounds like the usual bad circuit board in the dash(the main gauge board), or maybe a bad ground.
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    I am having the exact problem. I have figured out that if i turn the keyto the start position and the lights don't light up, I can hit the top of the dash with my fist and the lights will light up. sounds crazy but i have been dealing with this for over a year and can not seem to find anyone that knows what is really wrong with the van. I would love to find out how to fix this problem. If you figure out anything let me know and i will do likewise. Even my local chrysler dealership can not figure out what is going on.
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    refer to posting one here, for the answer/solution to your problem. Also if you search the forum, you will find an excellent post by someone, that includes pictures of the proceedure. You have to remove the instrument cluster and retouch the solder connections on the circuit board. A relatively easy fix.
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    Hi all,
    This may sound like a simple-minded request but the dashboard trim is all plastic and probably becoming extra brittle with age. I need to remove the trim around the instument cluster so as to remove it for the solder repair or replacement so widely discussed in this forum. Since I cannot see any screws, it probably just pries off but I've tried gently in several places with nothing yielding. Can someone please help out by explaining exactly how to pop this trim off without breaking it. Perhaps other members are similarly frustrated also.
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    Ok I have a 2008 T&C about 6 months ago, i was driving down the road when all of the sudden my horn started blowing windshield wipers started going crazy water shooting up. I had to pull over turned my car off took key out then finally after a minute it stopped. Turn car back on everything was fine, about a month later did it again, finally I end up taking the fuse out of the horn, cause I didn't want to get killed by someone thinking I had road rage at them...LOL now somedays when i go to unlock my car with the remote key the windshield wipers and washer fluid will go off and the hazard lights will come on and I can't get them to go off right away. has anyone else had this problem and if so what had to be done to fix it?
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    Isn't this a symptom of a bad instrument cluster - one with bad connections on it someplace?

    Search one of the other Chrysler/Dodge minivan forums here for this topic.
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    I haven't had it looked at yet just wondering what it could be, that would make sense that it could be the instrument cluster. Thank you.
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    I have a 2008 Town and Country. When my son checked my oil he smelled gas on the dip stick. Has anyone had this problem and or is this a problem?
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    No, have not experienced this myself, but it is a problem.

    Try changing your PCV valve first, though it could be something more serious like a flaky fuel injector or a bad piston ring,

    Does the van run OK? Any noticeable drop in gas mileage?
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